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    one of the key features in zombies has been removed?

      Wonder Weapons


      From what I've seen from zombies is so far is that the Ray Gun and monkey bomb are back, thats nice, but what about the other one, now i know in Tranzit theres the Jet Gun which ive seen and it appears you have to build it from parts around the map and you can use it for like a second then it breaks apart and you have to build it again, so that weapon is useless, in the survival extremely small maps, you cant get jet gun in there as you have to build it, but i dont see a replacement for it in the box, and from the nuketown zombies gameplay it applies to that aswell, i dont care if its a past WW just put something in like the Winters Howl, please 3ARC dont take this key feature out its what makes it fun and no small maps either, we like big maps to explore.


      If anyone has found any other WWs in survival please say as i have yet to see any