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    I got it early. Info and answering any questions honestly.

      Graphics impress on all fronts minus ONLINE multiplayer. Combat Training looks fine which shocks me considering that its almost exactly the same. Online the game looks Muddy, Alot of Texture Pop-in Present, The colors are weak, and it looks washed out and dark.


      Perfomance is Good for the most part. Only FPS drops I have experienced in the game is when playing zombies and a horde containing some zombies on fire appear.


      Campaign is Amazing. I love the way it presents itself and keeps you in the action while forcing hard choices on you and striking under-tone. Very Well done.


      Multiplayer Online is sick. The Customization options seem endless and with 32 emblem layers all unlocked you can become creative and make the gun, playcard, and experience your own. Alos, Treyarch has struck perfect balance like for example while using the MMS (Lets you see enemys through walls You can not have FMJ (Lets you shoot through walls). They have outdone themselves and set a new bar for Multiplayer standards that hasn't been set since Call of Duty 4.


      Zombies. The Zombies. This is amazing. Everything from Tranzit, Survival, and Grief really introduce and new way to play in which we have never seen. I won't say much else, just know that this is the perfect Zombies experience with some well lets say "Pesty" new enemies in the mix.




      If you have any questions regarding the game ask away and I will give the best and fastest response possible.