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    CCS is now taking members for xbox360

      This Community is meant for adult gamers 25 and older.CCS is a place for like minded individuals to come together, have some games together and a few good laughs. This website is meant for gamers to come together, network and talk about games we know and love.

      As mature gamers, we have jobs, families and other responsibilities that come first before our other activities. We recognize this and respect it, and this is why we started the website, so people who are in the same position can have a place to go, make some friends and meet a group of people to play with on a regular basis. No more annoying lobbies, kids screaming, music blaring in the background, race wars, swearing/yelling etc., I could keep on going, but you get the point.\










      We do ask you follow a few simple rules.



      1. NO RACISM: Topics/posts that contain or exhibit any form of racism, whether direct or indirect, overt or implied shall immediately be dealt with by the site Admin/Moderators as deemed appropriate.



      2. NO LINKS TO UNACCEPTABLE CONTENT: Topics/Posts that contain offsite URL links to content must fall within the scope of standard established by this CODE OF CONDUCT. Any URL links or other references to offsite content provided in Topics/Posts by Members that contain Pornographic, Racial, Offensive Language, Defamation, Torrent or any other derogatory content are strictly forbidden. Posts containing offending URL links will be dealt with by the site Admin/Moderators.



      3. NO FLAMING: Posts that are knowingly made to harass, threaten or cause the distress or discomfort upon another Member of the CCS Community will not be tolerated. It is therefore advisable to always be respectful of your fellow Members; this does not mean you cannot disagree with someone, but you do not need to tear a person down in order to prove your point.



      4. NO CHEATING: No form of cheating, modded controllers, hacks, glitching, to get an unfair advantage over someone.



      5. Must have a mic so we can verify you're a mature gamer.



      6. Have respect for all members,if you have a lot of background noise please mute your mic as some members use in-game sound to help with finding there enemy.



      7. We would like all members to check out the forum at least once a week to keep up on all the news.



      8. Have fun


      If you have any ques5tions please feel free to message me  GT: CondemedHornet




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