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    The Bacon Chili Cheese Gaming Community is Recruiting Now!

      Do You Like Bacon or Chili or Cheese? Well We Do.

      If You Like Bacon Then Come Visit Our Site.




      If you are tired of trying to find a clan for adults thats overrun by immature squeakers, well then we welcome you.










      With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 we would like to extend an invitation to the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers who have also been there since the beginning.



      A Brief History of BCC:



      BCC was founded in late 2011 by a few former members of the Old Guyz (OG) clan. These "founding fathers" created BCC as a means to get away from the BS and just have fun doing what they loved, playing video games. After a few months filled with unwanted drama, and a few website changes, they created a more permanent home. And with their experience and knowledge of computers, the BCC forums were born. With this forum, BCC became a family.



      Now here's what we're about:



      We are a no BS community, this meaning every decision is made by the group. No secrets, if you have something to say, post it in the forums. We are a bunch of guys around the age of 30 (some younger, some older) who kick back at the end of the day and play some video games with some friends. If this sounds like you, just follow the link at the top of the page. We do have a specific thread for visitors, any questions you have can be posted there.



      Our expectations:

      1) Have fun! Win or lose it's all about having fun.

      2) No BS or Drama. The BCC forums are drama free area.

      3) No cheating, hacking, boosting or modding. If you are found doing any of these you will be banned from the clan and website. Our philosophy is they did not intend for you to go outside the map, under the bus, inside the wall or any other nonsense. They also didn't intend for you to unlock everything as soon as your butt hit the couch cushion.

      4) Be active! We expect our members to be active in both the website and in game. Now we are aware that life happens and you may be away for a while, but please let us know if possible.

      5) If you feel the need to go buck wild and do something stupid make a new profile in your game of choice and have a great time. Just don't use the BCC tag when you do it.

      6) Please add the tags BCC onto your MW3 profile, to show that you are a member. We don’t care if BCC is in the front, middle or back of your profile. But show the rest of us the courtesy and add the letters to your name. For the PS3 and Xbox players, please make your username the same as your gamer tag. This makes it much easier to add and keep track of members.

      7) Read, understand, and follow our Code of Ethics.

      8) You must 30 years of age to join. Membership for those below the age of 30 can be permitted in some cases.

      9) All new members must like bacon. If you don’t dig on the swine, you may just have something seriously wrong with you. Religious reasons are valid exceptions.



      If you don't think you can comply with these expectations or any other rules set forth by our founding father and site Administrators then this community is not for you. If you like what you have read then all you need to do is follow the link.