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    What gun will you miss the most?

      Over the course of 2 COD games, my favorite weapon has been the M16. It has come to my understanding that the M16 will not be in he Black Ops 2 multiplayer Obviously, this is my favorite gun, and I was really dissapointed to see it go (They could've made the M16A5, since most changes to the gun are on the inside and not cosmetic.) (I don't have MWR for the Wii, but I heard the M16 was pretty OP in that game. Don't worry I've never played MWR multiplater )

           So, as a question to you, what guns will you miss from past COD games? (Mainly MW3 or Black Ops 2, but any will work I suppose.)









      goodbye FMG9, I'm sure their won't be many of us that miss you!