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    CoD - YouTube - Wii/U Community

      why is it that most of the Wii/U YouTube guys dont acknowledge the forums that in turn fuel the views/subs/likes of their videos in the first place.


      ive been apart of these forums since WAW first came out.


      i consider myself first and foremost a forum guy who happens to put stuff up on YT.


      i love recording all games, splicing vids and making montages and soon to be commentaries about CoD and possibly some other non gaming related things.


      i dont wh0re my account to get views or subs or favs.


      i put up videos/montages for the sheer gratification of making videos.


      if you like it, cool.


      if you dont, lol, cool.


      im good with that.


      but i think there should be more of a connection between Wii/U YouTubers and the forums.


      hopefully Bo2 bridges that gap between us and doesnt make that gap bigger.


      only time will tell...