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    Do people ever think???

      I just got done reading some other posts about what is noobish to use blah blah blah. You know, the basic run-of-the-mill cry threads. Anyway, what I'm wondering is this. People say that it's noobish to use things with in the game that makes it easier to get kills such as Blind eye, Assassin, silencers as well as HALF of the guns. Now here's the thing, if these people who say you shouldn't do this or use that get their way and the others dicide to not use these noobish methods, then doesn't that make it easier for the "you noob" sreaming people to get kills? So who is REALLY the noob here?


      What are your thoughts on this?

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          I've always viewed as I'd rather be an alive noob than a dead pro.

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            surely the real "noob" is the one who is yet to realise that certain weapons/perks are easier to use effectively,


            however i think people tend to think that a "noob" is somone who uses there common sense...


            if you were a football manager, you would surely pick your best players in order to win, so whats wrong with picking the best guns/perks


            if all the guns were eactly the same, it would just be something else - "you are a noob cuz you are using a headset" or "you are a noob because your gamertag has vowels in it" etc

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              Some people have a mentality that whoever can offend the other the most, wins.


              In real life, if one name calls or takes a cheapshot against someone, they've just lost the argument and their integrity. Most of these battles are not worth pondering over. I can't count how many times I've been told my team only won because we're gay, we suck, we're noobs etc.


              There are only a handful of reasons a team wins, those three are not one of them.

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                  as far as im concerned, i spent the money for the game, so im using what ever weapon,perk, lethal, and tacticaltool it takes to win...if it wasnt for us to use, it wouldnt be in the game...

                  i love the hate mail i get and the verbal abuse, it means my skill level is above theirs..i always ajust play style to game mode or to the teams i play against. my favorite is when a guy or guys are blocking choke points or just sitting in corners picking us off. i either pre fire around the corner or i use my favorite weapons " the grenade launcher or the smaw", it always clear them for me..

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                  I love me some easy noobs in the morning!

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                      A noob to me is someone who is new to the game and doesn't know how to play the game so if someone calls you a noob if you noob tube them or your using something they don't like they are stupid as hell. A noob wouldn't use a noob tube on a camper they just keep going to that location. Garbage on the other hand is when someone complains all the time while exploiting everything in sight they are to scared to move and they don't know how to adapt all they can say is remove this nerf that lol.

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                      Lmao wanna know what I don't get is when a camper goes on here making a thread telling them to stop complaining what a HUGE laugh that is. You campers complain way more then runner n gunners actually not on MW3 because it's a camper only game. But before they patched MW3 and released it you campers did nothing but complain on here these are the fine examples of your complaints marathon, lightweight, assassin, dead silence, heart beat sensors, shotguns, smgs, ALL explosives, replenishable tactical and lethal grenades, danger close, ALL support killstreaks, tactical insertion in kill confirmed that wasn't boosting related, throwing knife in infection, "overpowered" guns, rapid fire, akimbo, machine pistols, tactical knife, quickdraw, spawn system not being static so you can spawn camp and the list gets even larger everyday so you complain just as much as runner n gunners if not more. What I don't get is you keep telling people to learn how to adapt when you can't even adapt yourself, you also don't like challenges. Learn to adapt campers cause I guarantee you that if runner n gunners got their perks and equipment back your k/d would be 0.00003 and you would complain every day. Stop complaining and learn to adapt seriously and this is coming from a tactical player.

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                          I'm not talking about campers or run and gunners, I've gotten p!ssed a few times just like EVERYONE ELSE, but for the most part, I could care less how people play. I was just wanting to know what others think about this whole "you're a noob if you make it hard for me to kill you" tactic people use. Thanks for your input though.

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                          They did basically steer MW3 in the direction of camping with the awful cramped maps that encourage corner camping, not to mention they nerfed all "run and gun" weapons pretty bad.


                          n00b to me though is the idiots I was playing with tonight. Other team has counter-UAV up and they keep on spamming UAVs and advanced UAVs when we can't even use it...that's n00b! lol

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                                Why is that noobish? Because they cramped your playing style? Your reply is just what I'm talking about. "They're using this so I can't use that" Really dude? You're saying they are noobs for spamming counter uav and uav, and made it to where you guys couldn't spam yours. Thank you for your reply and helping me proove my point.

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                                    No I think you missed what he was saying. 


                                    Team 1 has a CUAV up

                                    team 2 (being dumb) keep putting up their UAVs after they *should* know a CUAV is up and putting up a UAV is pointless.


                                    On topic:


                                    I 100% agree with what you are saying in principal. Anyone who calls someone a noob, is fundamentally idiotic:


                                    - If you cannot kill someone, who is the noob?

                                    - If someone is new to the game, I think they know they are a noob so the insult has no weight

                                    - As someone stated above, someone using a launcher to flush out campers/a room is actually using their head, ,thus not a noob.




                                    Calling someone a noob is (most of the time), the pot calling the kettle black.

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                                  It annoys me when people complain about things and when you tell them that there are counters and they should try using them they get all flustered. The real reason people want the PRs to be removed is because they don't want to sacrafice Quickdraw for Assassin. They want the game to be focused around them and how they play


                                  So many people are selfish with this game

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                                    Agree with the OP and others. Why would anyone NOT use the best available combos of weapons/perks etc to win? What you want me to do? wait a second til u see me,then fire my CM901 AR and ending up dead? Remember this. Everything that has ever been overpowered in this game,is available to ALL.

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                                      Well i think a Noob is someone just starting out with the game, .....doing the learning curve....nothing more nothing less.......  I normally listen to the pre game chat between players or remarks to other players........ when i hear someone crying foul, blaming other players for a loss......I think dude you are a true noob........you dont know how to adjust what you are doing...so you want them to play your way.........yes i have gotten pissed bewcause someone camped and out played me.....and i could not find a solution .. that did not make them a noob......it made them a good player......... I have hit lobbys where the Smaw was being used like a primary weapon, and nades were everywhere........well if i dont have enough since to change to a different setup with blastsheild......then  its my fault i died and got may ass handed to me........ i am then the noob..

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                                        People should use any weapons they want, but in my opinion people who run around with shotguns 24/7 are Noobs. 


                                        The problem with this is that everyone starts using them as they are the easiest weapon to use and the quality of matches deteriorates.


                                        If i was the developer I would force people to vary their weapons or maybe a random weapon selector


                                        Just jokin use what you want...

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                                          I use Blind Eye Pro, Assassin Pro, Dead Silence Pro, Silencer and Heartbeat sensor on an ACR, and use Portable Radar. I might even be using Final Stand, but I can neither confirm nor deny this, though.


                                          I call it "Super Ninja Mode."


                                          I'm such a noob. Haha!


                                          Not really. Just kidding.


                                          I say you play however you want with whatever you are allowed to us in the game. Who cares what other people think? I camp some, run some, lock down an area, etc... No matter what I do, someone who gets killed by me has a problem with my play style. "Oooh, you shot me from the bushes with a sniper. CAMPER!!!"  "Shotguns are for noobs!"  "Dude, anyone can get a kill with an ACR/MP7. Use a real gun" (Whatever that means.)


                                          They seem to think they should be able to dictate how I play the game. Last time I checked, that isn't how it works. Open lobby, open rules. I paid to play. I play how I want. If you want to play with your rules, make your own game and invite people to it. If you play in an open lobby, you chose to play against any random person and their choice of play, so get over it.

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                                            I agree MDM and these type of threads have taken place many times since this game was released. The tools are there at your disposal,so use them the best way you can to win. The guy moaning about assassin using campers wants to not run assassin,so he can use quickdraw,so can he not see the irony? Again i repeat,use whats good for you and stop complaining with the typical "its not my fault i lost,or was out played,because (enter caption here........................................................................... .......)

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                                              From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                              Newbie, newb, n00b or noob is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming[1] or Linux use.[2][3] It can have derogatory connotations, but is also often used for descriptive purposes only, without a value judgment.




                                              To answer your question directly... No, people often do not think.

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                                                There is no thought process involved here. It's just someone finding reasons as to why they went 10-20 in a match and can't admit that they suck. I've been called a n00b for using bouncing betties........really?.......how is that nooby? I've heard ALL the rages for me using MP7/ACR/AK47/Any shotgun/MP9/Any akimbo MP/etc/etc/etc. Now, I don't even care anymore so I just run around on EVERY map using shotguns and akimbo MPs. And the RPG too.