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    Heads up. icon Killa Nation is recruiting

      Yo. So this is Conflict from icon Killa Nation. We are a brand new clan looking to do major things in all aspects of Call of Duty: from MLG/GB to Sniper teams to Casual gaming to YouTube teams, even Montages/Minitages/Episodes, Graphic Design and Video Editing. The only requirement is that you have at least a 1.0 K/D. It' could be a 1.01. It could be a 1.001. Just give me that 1.0 or better K/D and you're cool in my book. We'd like you to have a mic aswell but times are hard and money is tight so I won't make that a requirement unless you're looking to be apart of one of our competitive teams but that's a given. So if you are interested in joining, hmu either here if your a PS3 or PC player or hmu on XBox Live. My gamertag is Mr C0NFL1CT (that's "c-zero-n-f-l-one-c-t).