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    Looking for a PREMIUM clan to join. (Xbox 360)

      I am looking for a PREMIUM clan on MW3 for xbox. Any clan that is recruiting and needs another player, I'm very interested.  I must warn you, I do not have the highest KD because my sister plays also and she sometimes doesn't try.  It is about a .96 but I am not sure of that.  I am 18 years old and would prefer a more mature clan (like age 16 or 17+).  I have classes during the day, except on Fridays, and some nights of the week I have work, so if I'm not on and I am needed for something just message me.  I would really appreciate any responses and please do not message me if you are under my age preference. Thanks.                                                                                      GT: RecklessDrama94               E-mail: lawter.stefan94@gmail.com