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    Will Activision or Infinity Ward read this? PROBABLY NOT!

           I have been addicted to the Call of Duty franchise for the last few titles (W@W, COD4, MW2, BO, MW3.. getting BO2) and while (at times) I feel it was worth every cent spent for it (with map packs and all), I have been rather upset with the LAG. Not only that but I have been receiving  "Disc Read Error" or "Black Screen" quite a bit. This seriously inhibits my desire to play online.

           Before I go any further, I have tried it all. Clearing cache, deleting game data (re-installing it), reset modem, disc in perfect condition, yet this problem has only recently surfaced. I have heard that this is now becoming common among other players. Has this been happening to anyone else?

           Also the Elite service sucks. I am in a level 32 (at the time I post this) clan, yet I must submit a request when our clan unlocks a new emblem. That's sad. Or what of the fact that when our clan levels up, we get new titles as well right? Not me. Page 2, second column... Supposedly we were to receive titles from Elite. I haven't. Basically it's a useless service, as a founder I am ashamed. I probably will not renew my subscription.

           So, Activision or Infinity Ward care to address these concerns? Don't worry though I won't hold my breath.