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    Venom story/Ideas

      Bear with me, I'm new at this. I am and always have been a supporter of Venom. I was thinking what if we saw a video game(aside from ultimate spiderman) where Venom (Eddie Brock, of course) was the main charachter. I think people would like to see how Eddie'd handle a unique situation, with his own story and not just as a playable suit. Thoughts/Ideas? itd also be cool if You could help me flesh out a venom story for me and a buddy. Thanks

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          That would be sick. I dont think it would work well for a game tied in the movie universe. Most people want to see venom done right on the big screen more then a game. Live action makes everything better. All though it would be different I doubt it will ever happen.

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            Hey, does anyone actually know when that Venom movie is supposed to come out? I really wanna see it XD ( Btw, do you know who's gonna play Brock? )

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                I wouldn't want a game with Venom as the main character, but I'd be down with him as an ally and 2nd playable character, like the Maximum Carnage game. And even though I'm sick of Venom appearances in Spidey games, I still want a proper, badass, playable Venom in a new Spider-Man game.


                Ultimate Spider-Man was an utter disappointment. Since he was Hulk light and you always had to feed to keep your health up. Then there was Friend or Foe. Which was a linear and repetitive kids game.


                All I want is a proper, 616, Bagley designed Venom, with web slinging, web moves and combat moves, that make Batman's moves in Arkham Asylum/City, look harmless in comparison. If we can get that, then I wouldn't mind if he never appears in a Spider-Man game again.



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                I like Venom. He's a good character for a lot of good stories, however he's already been a major focus of at least 3 of the free roam games. SM3, WOS and USM all focused on or heavily featured Brock/Venom. I'd have to suggest another character, someone who I think represents more than other villains like Venom, Hobgoblin.


                Hobgoblin is a character with multiple incarnations and an intense character history, along with interesting powers and mannerisms. He's not the same type of creature as the other Goblins or even other villains. Venom is all about a twisted version of being a hero and hating Spider-Man. He's an interesting character and can give interesting stories, but in a game and in gameplay, it's all about him being an anti-hero. Between WOS, USM, Spider-Man PSX and Maximum Carnage, I think we've accurately captured all the types of gameplay we could have with Venom as an enemy or even partner.


                As for the other goblins? Green Goblin is a mentally disturbed Norman Osborn trying to cope with the insanities that his father caused him as a child. His torment of Spider-Man reflected someone who wanted attention and respect. While Harry was also a Green Goblin, his motivations and actions were essentially the same. He wanted "daddy to be proud", at the end of the day. Hobgoblin, on the other hand was always pure insanity with no particular interest or care of Spider-Man. Hobgoblin either wanted to destroy or ellude Spider-Man, simply because Spider-Man was an annoyance. Green Goblin, and the Gray goblins and even Harry's ex-fiance (I forget her name), all were tied to the same story. The same concept of parentage. Hobgoblin, on the other hand, was pure rebellion.


                And that's what I mean! Let's get something new in a Spider-Man game. A serious, semi-realistic (i.e. gritty) heavily story-driven, darker game. Darker for the theme, but not necessarily for Parker. Hobgoblin's stories in the 80's were always darker and edgier. Imagine, if you will, a snow filled winter New York. I know it's hard to render and program that, but bare with me. So it's a snowy winter. That would explain the fewer cars and people on the street in the free roam gameplay, but also would give a feeling to the game. A feeling that plays a subconcious effect on the player. Darker scenes seem colder, happier seems would portray a warmer feeling in the player. The action would be fast paced, but the story could take it's time. The player can swing freely about stopping carjackings, and other crimes, and fighting never fought before in 3D villains (Grizzly, chameleon, Carrion) and new variations of old villains. Like what would Hydro-Man be like in the winter? Technically wouldn't he have limited ice powers?


                So as things get colder, Peter is stressed. Aunt May is sick, MJ is taking care of her, and they're both snowed in Queens. So he has no real moral support in the city. And because Aunt May is sick, he's being really cold and short with enemies. Not evil or dark, but just impatient. Likewise, horrible murders have happened around Manhattan with a Hobgoblin targetting rich people involved with Oscorp and yet also the fashion industry. So it could be Kingsley or Urich mascerading as Hobgoblin. Spidey needs the help of other heroes in order to figure out what's going on, as the villain attacks seemed to be more planned than usual. And Kingsley is supposed to be dead, so Spider-Man is worried that another Demogoblin situation may be on the rise!


                Just like with Web of Shadows, you'd have character summons in various Marvel characters. Maybe a winter version of Daredevil and Elektra, a cool winter version of Gambit, maybe Iceman or Deadpool make an appearance? These characters could help even during boss fights. Or team up with the other bosses (Deadpool vs. Punisher vs. Spider-Man on a snowy winter NYC street?)


                Eventually it would become evident that it's just Urich wearing the different costumes and pretending to be different Hobgoblins as a psychological attack on Spider-Man with the help of Chameleon and Mysterio. Or so Peter thinks, after beating them, he finds that those events planned by Urich had nothing to do with the resurrection of Jason Macendale, who had been causing chaos in the streets as a more ragged Hobgoblin who wanted to become Demogoblin again and become even more powerful.


                A super charged Demogoblin trying to bring another dimension into New York, as a final boss. Maybe he ends up being dragged away by Black Heart. The game ends as the blizzard fully hits New York. Peter, now with MJ and Aunt May as she gets better, makes a note that sometimes mankind is a more frightful force than nature itself. That it's odd that with all Hobgoblins defeated, and the city safe from criminals and demons, the blizzard doesn't seem so bad. Like a bitter-sweet vacation.


                Not exactly that, obviously Beenox can do better, but just imagine something like that. Maybe that's too bleak for a Spidey game, but I feel like a dynamic like that would make for the "Arkham Asylum" or "Arkham City" of Spidey games. People are cynical, and culturally, we live in a nation of critics. So when you have darker, more pessimistic stories, people maybe feel immersed because it's more "real". Things don't need to be bad for Peter, they just need to be bad.


                Anyway, my point is that Hobgoblin could totally handle being a main villain.

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                    When I look at threads I see you saying hobgoblin! I'm a defenite fan too but I actually read the spider man comic books idk about you guys who just might play games/movies but venom is the BOMB but I do like carnage MUCH better but yea guess venom would fit in the realistic and dramatic darker tone of the amazing spiderman (game/movie)

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                      This is my idea for one its called "The Goblin Gauntlet". This could take place after asm 2 movie where green goblin might appear(probably not) but after asm2 in the asm2 game the events of green goblin has shaken spidey. But green goblin's suprising ressurection comes. Soon after spider man chases a criminal into a cave spideer man loses him. The theif stumblens into gg's secret lair. He improves on pretty much everything and becomes hobgoblin. Soon hobgoblin and green goblin have tremendous fights that is destroying the city. Spiderman tries to stop them both from destroying it. Villans hinted in asm might come too like vulture,sand man, hydro man, mister negative, and a large man canine.

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                          You have a lot of good ideas! The game did hint to a few villains, but let's not ignore the characters hinted at in the movie: SPOILER WARNING:


                          Highlight on your own accord:


                          1.) Electro: When Spider-Man is tazed by the police, we're shown how weak he is against electricity. It could be a plot point of the next movie that he makes a suit that can take electricity better.

                          2.) Green Goblin: Norman Osborn is dying in the film, he might make the Goblin formula to save his own life.

                          3,) Venom: Anyone that's read USM knows how close this story is to Ultimate Peter's origin and parents. The man in the shadows could be Brock's father.

                          4.) Kingpin/The Owl: The Man in the shadows was an older gentleman, but was definitely hinting at some heavy criminal activity. He could be working for the Kingpin or could be a supervillain like The Owl.

                          5.) Rhino/Scorpion/Cross species: Just like the game, the movie shows that Oscorp was working on cross species genetics. And it wasn't just for Connors, but for Osborn.

                          6.) Any criminal really: In the movie verse, he becomes Spider-Man to find his Uncle's killer. He can't actually find him in this movie, so he has a reason to keep looking. The more I think about it, the more that could lead him to meeting anyone.

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                              i wanna free roam super villian game where you try to take over the world, ultimately.  have the "good guys" be the "bad guys" for a change. it'd be neat.


                              make it M for mature too, so you can be really mean & nasty.


                              instead of web rush choices, we want dasterdly choices. robbing banks, killing/ tourturing innocents, general suffering of the heroes' loved ones, ruining people's lives, kidnapping for ransom, taking candy from babies, armies of minions, etc. whatever it takes to get the job done.


                              you choose your "anti-hero" (from a plethora of marvel bad guys, anyone you want, depending on how particularly foul you may be feeling that day) & the story revolves around them, upgrades, side missions, alternate costumes, the whole 9.


                              itd be sweet flying around on a glider, chuckin pumpkin bombs, using your titanium tenticles to squeeze the guts out of some costumed crime fighter, etc.


                              no movie game needed,  based only on marvel universe lore; of course.

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                                  You've basically described Saints Row. Your character is an amoral, serial killer, gang member, ex-con, that can look howevert you want. And you constantly fight the polcie and try to make your criminal empire better. You take out other crime syndicates and gangs to usurp their power. You can mug people and rob stores...

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                                      not talking about a gta style gangster game, i mean a marvel supervillian open world game, fighting against marvel super heroes.


                                      i thought i made that clear, but i guess not.

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                                          No, I didn't mean that in a bad way. Saints Row is one of my favorite game series. I was just saying you can essentially be a super villain in that series. They even let you build bases and hideouts around the city each game. However, I agree with you that it would be cool to play as a villain.


                                          Your idea was a good one. It would be really fun. You create your own villain, but Marvel Super Heroes try to stop you, and maybe Villains try to help you.