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        300. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

        Then try to make the devs have a 15 min Team Deathmatch game mode meaning there is no score limit but there is a time limit which is 15 min. Then you would have enough time to get the high kill streaks or make a 15 min play list meaning it has all the normal and hardcore game modes but they are 15 min and they don't have a score limit and for Search and Destroy instead of a 15 min round limit you would just be playing it for 15 min with no score limit.

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          301. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

          Snipingdbag wrote:


          I don’t think the emp is fair at all, for starts a minute is way too long. What is the point in going for an osprey gunner in a domination game when someone going 14-40 (capping flags and destroying air support) can destroy it and all your high streaks for a minute with an emp, included a potential moab launch if he launched the emp earlier (shouldn't something like a 24 / 25 gun streak destroy that scrubs streak completely instead???). Support needs a whole redo if it’s to be in black ops II imo. Point streak system itself is fine though (rewarding objective and team play).


          I would just like to point out that if someone knows what they're doing, they'll drop an Osprey or Escort Airdrop without an EMP before it can even drop a single care package. God knows i've done it enough to people. ACR W/Extended Magazine + Blind Eye Pro does wonders against air support. Even go so far as to utilize Overkill for another Primary, and you'll have very little to deal with in terms of Kill Streaks.


          In regards to chaining EMPs together, I wouldn't mind a cool-down period for calling in the next one. Maybe a 60 second Cool Down period where your team can't call in another for 60 seconds. That'll give the enemy a chance to utilize most kill streaks they have, or even call in one themselves. It'll also help limit them going off every few seconds towards the end of a match (I'm one of those players who saves them until either the very end, or if the enemy has a lot of kill streaks up).

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            302. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

            And something tells me adam is trialstardragon. May be wrong but I got a feeling.


            Adam's definitely not TSD. TSD wouldn't spam the thread with his game mode ideas as that is something TSD has been against.


            Back on topic:


            I don't mind the EMP. If one player is capping flags & destroying air support, they're generally doing more good to their team as an objective player so in that sense they do deserve to call in a EMP. They may be bad at slaying but at least they're doing something worthwhile to assist their team.


            What annoys me about the EMP is that it blinds your friendly teammates when a friendly calls one in, not sure why the devs had to do that.


            However, I do have my issues with the Stealth Bomber & any other offensive support pointstreak as a Support Pointstreak.


            I'm all for a Support Pointstreak system in BO2 but they need to balance support pointstreaks by NOT adding in pointstreaks that kill but to aid your team.

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              303. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

              I already said I was sorry about that and if your talking about the one I posted just now it was a suggestion cause I am not bringing it up again.

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                304. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                Adding in game modes is unlikely, and replacing the standard TDM we have now is pretty much impossible.  The devs would never do it.

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                  305. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                  Moopus wrote:


                  I live in NJ and have a 3.25 K/D. My speeds are 22Down, and 2Up.


                  Explain it now. Lag has been fine recently. This is what I hate. This so called "Lag Compensation" is now a scape-goat for every reason. Accuracy. K/D. Losses. Everything. Whoever came up with the word "lag compensation" should feel ashamed for spreading such lies.

                  I agree that too many use lag compensation as a scape goat but there is actual evidence there is a problem. On June 17 I posted this





                  That's exactly how TU 14 has effected me as well. Accuracy during the last 5 weeks increased form 22.50% to 23.15% but my K/D ratio dropped from 1.68 over the first 6 months to 1.45 in the last month. And my average number of kills per game has dropped by 3.



                  Unbeknownst to me and anyone here, there actually was an unannounced update to the host selection on PS3 (acknowledged on June 30th by Ghandi in this thread).  Specifically he stated, "On the 19th June we rolled out a backend update that better selected qualified game hosts on PS3"



                  On June 24th I posted this.




                  Although this past week has been decent for me the 5 weeks proceeding have been complete garbage. And since I live in the north east of North America in a major city and play strictly TDM, finding a good lobby should be a breeze.


                  I don't think the timing is coincidence. The change and the obvious effect that I clearly noticed tells me several things. IW broke something on the PS3 platform host selection with the TU14 update that created huge latency discrepencies between clients and took 5 weeks to fix it. The lag compensation does not effectively balance the playing field when there are non-trivial differences in player latency. Match making was not the major problem as the PS3 host selection update has improved many of the issues. Feedback that IW has asked for with the impending match making updates will be useless as those negatively impacted (even though it may even the playing field) will complain. Ultimately there is a problem with lag comp and the TU 14 PS3 update exposed it. 

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                    306. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                    I didn't mean replace TDM I just mean't make a longer version of it so people going for killstreaks stop complaining.

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                      307. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                      The chances of them modifying the current TDM are pretty much .00000001% since there could be backlash from the players of TDM.

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                        308. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                        Ok I am not saying replace it just saying make another TDM game mode that's 15 min and no score limit.

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                          309. Re: Modern Warfare 3 Title Update and Hot Fix Discussion

                          Then they would probably have to replace another game mode.  I don't know much about it, but I know there are a limited number of playlist slots.  Also, playerbase fracturing.

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