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        I'm not even sure what could be coming this E3, haha.  Maybe some new videos of Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider and info on the next Nintendo system, but I can't think of much else.

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          According to my rule, I'm not allowed to expect anything, so I got nothing.  Of course, I always dream of new awesome RPGs being announced, but 50 new shooters just get announced instead.


          But I gotta run.  Got a really early final tomorrow morning, so I wanna make sure I get enough sleep for it.  Later, Hawk!

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            Haha, you never know.  Didn't Nintendo break down and agree to port over those games from the Project Rainfall petition?


            Later Rogue!  Good luck with the exam.

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              Yeah, they did.  I got The Last Story pre-ordered, and I'm planning on getting Xenoblade sometime this summer, too.  But that's still 2 good RPGs to 1000 lame shooters...


              So, how's everyone doing tonight?

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                Looks like that Avengers game will be for the Kinect and the Wii-U (no mention of the Playstation Move?).

                http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gEvbWTmf_SZA-AU9KNoZ2jhhka3A?d ocId=2890dc144f414be5a3ff59afc32f0cc0  (hey Hawk, how do you make the links look nice?....still haven't figured it out on this new site!)
                Kinect is great for some games but I'll be pretty skeptical of this until I see how they are planning on working it.

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                  They better have a really good Avengers game that is not just for Kinect. With the movies success they should spend some money and do somthing awesome.



                  Hey Hawk sorry about the call I had to take last night but I did warn you guys, lol. As always a blast playing and thanks for reviving me so many times, lol. It is really fun to play ME3 with you and Brian.



                  Jad you should get ME3 so you can play with us it is really fun and you would figure it out pretty quickly. It would be great to have a fourth guy and you would be worse than me, since Hawk is better than me and Brian is way better than me, lol. I am the weak link although every once in a while I save the day.

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                    Yeah, I was actually just gonna post about the Avengers: Battle for Earth game.  It's funny because we were all talking about the possibility of something along the lines of MUA3.  This could possibly be something like that, since I've been hearing about multiplayer being a big part of the game, like in the MUA games.  And the fact that it's about Secret Invasion, which comes right after Civil War, makes it possible too.  But, the fact that it's being made for Kinect kinda goes against that.  Course, it's possible that the Wii U and Kinect versions will pretty much be totally different games.  But it makes sense that, if it is something like MUA, they would use the Avengers name to market it.  Even the logo they're using right now for it is basically the movie's logo.


                    I guess it doesn't really matter too much to me right now, though, since I don't have a 360 and I'm not too excited about the Wii U at this point.


                    EDIT: So, now it looks like the Wii U version will be very motion control-focused, too.  So, I'm not expecting good things, honestly.  Technically, you never know.  There's a couple good games that use motion controls... Skyward Sword and... Ok, maybe just one...

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                      That's disappointing about the new Avengers game being Kinect only, though it sounds like you only get IM, Cap, Thor, and Hulk as playable characters anyway.  I hope we just get a proper Avengers game in a Legends-esque style with a nice big cast of Avengers to pick from that's not dependent on the movies.  If not Activision needs to make a new MUA already, MUA2 was a good three years ago.  You'd think we'd have heard some news on a third installment by now.  Or at least a Lego Marvel game.


                      @Jad - Type out your sentence like normal than highlight the words you want to be linked and click on the big blue A that's to the left of the smiley icon.


                      @Iron - Haha, I'm not that good, but Brian is awesome.  But I read some awesome news from the Bioware forums, the jumbo equipment and premium Spectre packs are now permanent additions to the store!  I'm probably gonna hit up the equipment packs the next few days so I'm prepared for this weekend's event challenge to kill three million Banshees.  I think I'm at 15 medigels right now, but I could always use more, haha.

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                        Actually, the article I saw on Gamespot said that there's gonna be over 20 playable characters, but there'll be a focus on Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and Hulk.  Not exactly sure how that'll work, maybe just kinda like in the first MUA, where Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, and Thor showed up in all the cutscenes?  But, anyways, you'd think Marvel would be trying to capitalize on the huge popularity of the movie, so they might try making more than just one Kinect and Wii U game, since those aren't exactly enormous audiences.

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                          Interesting.  I saw in the press release Jad posted that the game will feature over 20 Marvel characters, but I took that as supporting cast rather than playable characters as it says the game focuses on Cap, IM, Thor, and Hulk.  Gamespot may be misinterpretating what was written, or maybe I am.  I guess it doesn't matter since I'm not getting it anyway...unless they make Mockingbird playable, then I'd have to run out and buy Kinect, haha.

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