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        It got maybe half-full, which is decent for a 1:40 showing on a Monday, I figure.  Everyone stayed for the first scene, and maybe half the people stayed for the second one.  My brother got all annoyed sitting there, waiting for the second one, but I wasn't gonna leave until after.  It's The Avengers!


        Later, Hawk!

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          this is omega gama, if any of you remember me, i used to post at herohq all the time
          tried posting again today, this thing has gotten quite confusing, so i ended up just making a new account. that didnt help much. still trying to find out if im doing this right.


          recently i have heard of a rumor that a MUA3 will be announced at E3. i figured if i was going to try to find out if there was any truth behind this rumor this would be the place to ask. google didnt help much.

          anyone have any info? or is this just another rumor?

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            Hey Gama, I haven't heard any rumors about a MUA3, myself.  I wouldn't exactly bet on it, though it doesn't seem too unrealistic either.  Maybe they'd change the name to something Avengers-related now that the Avengers are such a big deal, following up on the movie, if they do make one.  It seems kinda suspicious to me that they took the time to rebuild this site now, with such a small population on it, unless they had some plans for some big game.  Maybe it would be MUA3, or maybe something totally separate, but there might be something.

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              that actually makes sense. the rebuilding of the site with a low population.

              avengers seems like a possibility, but there was a 1st person avengers game in development that got scrapped pretty early on. you can look at some of the alpha gameplay on youtube. it actually looked pretty good IMO.


              if it is false, that sure would be unfortunate, but i will always keep my hopes up for another sequal. maybe next year, if not this one

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                  I haven't heard anything about a new MUA since it was believed Marvel copyrighted "Secret Wars" but that was like a year ago and there hasn't been anything about it since.  There was recently news about a possible Avengers game with a domain name called "Avengersbattleforearth" being reserved and linked to Ubisoft.  We  wouldn't get a forum section about it here though.

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                    Yeah, I really don't exactly expect there to be a new MUA game announced at E3 or anything, though I never expect anything to be announced at E3.  That's my rule.  The games you expect or hope will be announced are never announced, but then there's a whole bunch of cool news that you didn't expect.  But if you were expecting a certain game, you'll still think it was a lame E3 because you didn't hear anything about it, instead of just enjoying the crazy news that comes every year there.


                    And I think I just got way off-topic there... Course, that's what this thread is for, so I guess that's ok...

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                      this thing still confuses me! i log in, than i come here and it logs me out or something? i think i understand now though.

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                        @Rogue - I've noticed that most of the big news gets announced a week or two before E3 then at E3 they'll just talk about it more.  I haven't noticed too many huge announcements as maybe there used to be.

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                          I guess that's kinda true, but it still seems like there's usually a big announcement or 2, at least.  And those big announcements are never what you're expecting or hoping for, so I think my rule still works.  Just gotta move it forward a couple weeks.

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