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        190. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

        First of all i like the 8 player mod its fantastic but i dont like it because it is in the future.Second it would be grate if u where like defending a small city and u can have all the guns on the walls (stronger guns cost more).

        Third if u could destroy buildings.Fourth no robot zombies or stuff like that (some people are saying that).Fifth people can rejon because sometimes people loose connection(hapend to me 10000 times).If we could have like 45 wepons in a box or on a wall like 10 from waw 10 from black ops and 25 from the bo 2.Sixth u can enter all building is that small city or vilage or somethin.Seventh make it more scary.Eight make like classes like somebody can be a medic and heal faster somebody can reolde faster have more ammo and stuff like that.And if they could make like 3 maps in the time of the second world war 3 maps in the time of cold war and other maps as they wish.

        Sorry for bad spelling in my country english is the second language.

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          191. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!


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            192. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

            The ability to have 6 parks and sell them back.

            Be able to save the game also have checkpoints every 10 rounds.

            Infinite ammo park cast 50000 thats a maybe.

            Bottomless clip perk no reload just 1 long clip cast 5000.

            You don't lose your perks whin dound please.

            I like the one guys idea of a bulldozing perk that you can plow your way through zombies.

            4 player splitscreen please.

            New weapon

            A sticky mini nuke that Controls a zombie to run away from you and the other zombies are attracted to it then it blows up.

            A full-auto railgun that has one clip of 1500 rounds.

            An AA-12 shotgun 20 round clip 140 shells. Upgraded to 240 dragon's breath rounds.

            A teleport Grande. Throw it ware you want to teleport to and puff your thare it's not at the top of the list.

            All guns have bayonets or a mala weapon that doesn't suck after 2 rounds. like a electric sward.

            Upgrade guns 5x

            Map hitlers lar. You go back in time to one of hitlers mountain top get aways and you start with all of the perks. 50 rounds of hell and the last round you fight hitler and shout him in the F@&$ing face over and over agin just puting that out thare.

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              193. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

              map idea 1/ ok so we had zombie on land in buildings on th moon but not undear water have a big fish tank undear water and you can go in the water like buy a scuba diving suit that you can buy or just p on / and the gun foor this level wood be harpoon gun wear it shoots a burst of them and when you upgrade it it burst out more and it it could disintegrate them/ and every couple of rounds like five just like dog but with out dog you could have super fast zombie sharks.


              map idea 2/ have a place in the street next to the talest building in thhe world and you can buy your way up  to the top.


              map idea 3 / ok this one is kind of stupid have alien space ship realey big and it fly in the air and goes around the world .


              gun idea / AA12 wen upgrade it is drum mag or exsplosive mag next desert eagles upgrade it you get 2 golden desert eagles next tec-9 next have the ppsh from world at war.



              random idea/ ok have a place in the zombie game wear you can buy suit to wear or the fist perk you buy gives you a suit but you can keep buying perks 

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                194. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                maybe instead of being a soldier your just a normal person you begin with fists and as you go on you find more wepons like axes i love the idea of mele wepons instead of gun i would love to see a very large map with lots of diferent places so you could explore for hours like for instance if it was in a city you start off in an apartment and you fight your way out of the building and you run threw the streets and can go into multiple buildings also you could find normal people and help them and maybe they can help you aswell and zombies could jump from buildings landing anywhere and if they land on you it goes into a mode like when dogs jump on you in story just an idea

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                  195. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                  Maybe there can be a map editor like us fans could build a custom map and we can share them or download other maps and play them. Pretty sick.

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                    196. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                    I would suggest having at least one wonder weapon that's one fire elemental. It's cause the Wunderwaff DG-2 was an electric, the Thundergun was wind, Winter's Howl is ice ( which is close to water ) so where's fire? So that's why I hope for a fire type hand-held pokemon.

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                      197. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                      I would definitley love to see that. an option called Map Editor where you can use things that Treyarch has implemented in the game, and you can build a Zombie map from scratch, or build off a Zombie map.

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                        198. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                        ZOMBIE MAP IDEA: DEEP SWAMP possibly lousiana or florida

                        Features: It is nightime with a almost red moon in the sky, it is so dark that you cannot see (this would add to the horror factor), zombies that almost appear as swamp monsters because of how long they've been submerged in water.

                        Zombies: zombies are wrapped in vines and plant growth making them appear almost like the honey island swamp monster, certain "special" zombies are much taller and have long lanky arms that momentarily immobilize the player.

                        Equipment: flares, kind of like the ones from waw, they can lighten up some of the map for a limited time, these will come as an automatic tactical equipment that is awarded to the player like the frags every round. if you are completely out of grenades you can buy a perk, a glass bottle is added to your grenade slot, you can chuck this at the zombies for fun. death machine is a buyable toy found on a wall lol, it is placed in your inventory instead of a claymore, it just has a couple hundred bullets, these do not refresh every round, instead you have to pay a handsome fee to restock/ or if the death machine is too overpowered it could be replaced with a flamethrower?

                        But in the end people arent you happy treyarch/ and or activision is adding zombies in the first place!?!

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                          199. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

                          ok here is my wishist to see in the upcoming zombies


                          1 each person should get to pick what guns they get out of the box take all the guns from waw bo1 and bo2 and get to chose what you get liek a custom class setup example: lets say you have to pick a certain amount of pistols explosive weopons assualt rifles lmg's smg's wonder weopons and special weopons so it still keeps a sort of randomness and difficuly but so its not the same poeple with the same guns and you get to pick one wonder weopon to get so everyone could have a wonder weopon


                          2 story mode so poeple can catch up on the story and classic survival mode





                          3 a box to buy attachments and camo from


                          4 more teirs for pack a punch and perks unlocked after a certain round example : round 30 teir 2 round 40 tier 3 round 50 teir 4 and then it stops


                          5 more melee weopons example : katana battle axe machete etc


                          6 dificulty lets say like the campaign settings easy through veteran so it can be challenging for the serious zombie player like myself or easy so new people can get used to zombies




                          7 the ability to buy all the perks instead of having to do somwthing rediculous to get all the perks


                          8 new bosses i liked goerge he was a little hard to kill but after you did he gave you a free perk but i disliked the moon boss because he was to easy to kill but if he grabed you he took your perk which was rediculous




                          9 theater mode that records the ingame chat


                          10 seperate zombies dlc so you didnt have to get the multiplayer map packs to


                          11 bring back flamethrower




                          12 a perk that lets you keep your perks if you go down but make it rediculously expensive



                          13 character custimazation example voice gender skin color outfits etc



                          thank you for reading sorry for my bad grammer  but does anyone agree

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