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    Treyarch, Did you fix the leg in Zombies? Co-Op 4 Player

      I am a devoted zombie player, but there is nothing more disapointing when you just spent a few good hours trying to get to round 30 with 3 of your friends and it hits round 30 and the leg is so bad that you cant play anymore. Its really to the point if Its that way in black ops 2 with four players. I wont bother to waist my time, Ill just run zombies with me and one other guy. Im really hoping they fix this thou in black ops 2.


      One more thing, Its not my connection.....I run 50 MB Down and 5 MB Up. That should be plenty to host a 4 player zombie game.


      Does anyone else have this problem with 4 players after round 30 on Black Ops Zombies?