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    Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

      I am looking for an established MW3 clan that has both Elite as well as their own site. I am an ELITE premium member, I also have a founder card which I believe is still good. I have just recently recet my stats after making it to 15th prestige with a 1.75 KD/R


      My Specs:

      Age - 21

      Gender - Male

      Location - Canada

      Clan Experience - Yes


      MW3 Specs.

      Level - Non Prestiged, Level 44

      K/D - 2.00


      Post a message here or send me a message on XBL if you are interested.


      Gamertag is tL Teperacuda

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          Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

          Looking For a Mature Xbox 360 Clan?

          Do You Want To Compete in Weekly Tournaments?

          Do You Want To Win Free Xbox Points, Gold Memberships

          Gamestop and Best Buy Gift Cards?

          Do You Want To Earn Double XP?


          Gamer-Corpss is Recruiting Mature Players Over 16!

          Do You Have what it Takes To Be Elite!




          We have a UK based squad as well

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            Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

            Join my clan OpTiMa X were a small clan at the moment but we are expanding rapidly. We're all good friends that like to joke and just have fun in our matches but when it comes down to it, were dedicated and serious when its time to win. I myself will be setting up a gamebattles account for the clan as well as a youtube channel for montages and clan-tages. If you want to join a clan thats fun and friendly then join OpTiMa X, hope to hear from you soon


            My GT on XBL is OpTiMa X Blitz

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              Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

              bump for the cause

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                Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                Just another friendly bump, Clan Ops tomorrow! Oh and still looking

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                  Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)
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                    Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                    Dark Apocalypse Gaming aka DaG Clan (_DaG) is a multi-platform, multi-gaming, 18+ team. We are looking to recruit a handful of new players that have the same goal and motivation as us. We are a close-knit clan that enjoys winning and having fun. Our current roster consists of NA and EU players that play all around the clock. We will be capping the amount of members we accept soon so apply while you can.



                    A (very) brief history of our clan



                    We Split off from a massive casual CoD Clan in March 2011 and decided we needed our own direction, our own voice, our own bank. Since then we have had more teams compete within Gamebattles and enter more online tournaments.





                    — Our Mission –

                    We are a Casual Gaming team that plays within the Major League Gaming Game battles and various other Tournaments. Our clan has been working to provide new opportunities to help push our Soldiers forward. A gamer needs to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the goal and to his/her Team. We are a self funded clan but do have a couple sponsors (GamersUnif

                    orm, KontrolFreek, GripIt).

                    We are a NO B.S., NO Drama Clan. We do not put up with people who think they are far superior to others or hackers. We do NOT allow Modded Controllers, Lag Switches, or any form of Cheating.



                    — Joining –

                    We also have many things going on around the clock within our organization. When applying you can expect to see these things for you upon acceptance



                    [*]Active GameBattles Teams

                    [*]Online Tournaments With Prizes

                    [*]24/7 Pub Stomping

                    [*]Graphics Tournaments

                    [*]Access to some the greatest montages online

                    [*]And last but not least, the most fun you'll ever have in online gaming![/color]



                    If you are interested in joining check out our website at DaGClan.com.

                    “ReVive and ReSpawn in Dark Apocalypse Gaming” –Recruited by: Mickyuyj Xbox Div Leader[/color]



                    — Links –





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                      Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                      join my clan ESCCLAN I SENT YOU A MESSAGE ON XBOX LIVE

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                        Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                        join my clan ESCCLAN i sent you a message

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                          Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                          join my clan escc

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                            Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                            STATS UPDATE:


                            Level - Prestige 7, Level 72

                            K/D - 1.66


                            Send me a message on XBL or post here, looking to get into a solid clan for clan ops!

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                              Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                              Tactical Gaming is recruiting.  Check us out at http://tw.tghq.org  Tell them TG-Bombshell sent you.

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                                Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                                Infamous Assassins Recruiting for XBOX 360 & PS3Infamous Assassins is a multi-platform clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to.

                                We focus mainly on Call of Duty and Battfield Series, but we will have a number of members on other games like Halo, Gears of War, Socom & Killzone Series. We are looking for members and leaders to lead our members.

                                We accept members from all over the world. We dont care if your from America, Europe, Asia or somewhere in between. All are welcome.

                                Here are some of the thing that go on in the Infamous Assassins:

                                >> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members

                                >> An active chatbox with people to always talk to

                                >> A mature group of members always online to play with

                                >> Tournaments with prizes for the winner and good performances

                                >> Gamebattles Team for members that are into competitive gaming

                                >> A progressive ranking system for our active members

                                >> An active forum with new topics every day

                                >> Updates for the newest and hottest games out

                                >> Random Give Aways of microsoft points / XBL gold memberships and PSN cards!

                                >> Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter

                                So come check us out at www.InfamousAssassins.com and fill out an application. If you need any help or have problems please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks for taking the time and checking us out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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                                  Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)


                                  True Talent Gaming



                                  True Talent was founded back in June of 2009 for one reason; to bring gamers together. Since then we have kept evolving and changing with the times to keep up with the gaming industry. We currently have a strong group of dedicated members that have kept this clan running strong for 2+ years. We are currently recruiting Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC members ranging from old to young; from competitive to casual for Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3.

                                  There are some basic rules we wish all members to abide by which are as follows!

                                  • All applicants must be 14 years old or older for console, no exceptions. All applicants for the PC division must be 18 or older, no exceptions.
                                  • No trash talking. This isn't to say you can't have a bit of a friendly banter with people. You can, but you will NOT insult other people's families, accuse someone of cheating, or call out any other random bullshit comments. T2 is a mature clan, and we expect our members to behave in a respectable fashion. Respect your teammates.
                                  • No cheating/hacking/glitching. This clan does not condone the use of any dishonest methods of gameplay. We don't care if you use the ammo cheat on zombies, or the weapons cheat on GTA or any other single player game. However you will NOT cheat in multiplayer games. People suspected of cheating are liable to be removed from the clan immediately.
                                  • No multi clanning. If you are a member of another clan, you are NOT a member here. We expect honesty and loyalty from our members. If you are a member of another clan, that goes againt the interests of T2. It's them or us, you decide.

                                  You can follow us on any social media outlet as well!

                                  Current Games we are Supporting!

                                  We currently have a Mumble server up for our PC gamers to communicate, details can be found on our website. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me or stop by our forums and ask.

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                                    Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                                    I'll give you a tryout. Add and message me on Xbox Live for details.

                                    GT: M4r7i4N

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                                      Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                                      still looking.

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                                          Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan (Elite Founder)

                                          Yo, how about taking a look at us. We Play more hardcore then core, but thought you might check us out. I know the feeling of not having good team mates. I might not be as good as you, but thats because im still learning the Xbox Controller(im a ps3 player, 1.48 kdr there).  Well check us out and add me up. And trust me, we would put your skills to good use.

                                          Website: ClanKoS.com,

                                          GT: CrazyFnMike,

                                          Elite Clan Search: Killers On Sight

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                                          Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

                                          Hey Teperacuda, I am a recruiter for ESF (Elite Special Forces). Here at ESF were are looking to build a strong, stable, competitive atmosphere. Currently we have small numbers and of course some bad players (realistically every clan/community does) and some great players.


                                          As far as ESF we only allow members that are 18 or older and enjoy winning. We played 16th out of all clans last Saturday in the Domination Clan Operation and that was without some of our best players (level 20 clan). Addtional to Clan Operations we are beginning to mold our Game Battles teams (One core and one hardcore) as well as we are enrolled in a hardcore competitive season host by Hardcore Gaming Alliance, we are currently 2-1.


                                          If you have any further questions or are interested in joining my Gamertag is ESF Virtue.

                                          If I do not respond swiftly you may contact the following via Xbox Live

                                          1. ESFxSPADED (ESF Leader)

                                          2. ESFxSKIZZEL (Co-Leader)


                                          Thanks for your time,

                                          ESF Virtue

                                          *ESF Administrator*


                                          Also visit,


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                                            Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R



                                            Rage Reborn, currently a level 18 Elite clan, is recruiting.  We have 30 members and have a website set up for our members: www.RageReborn.net.  Come check us out today, or look us up on Elite.


                                            I am the co-founder of the clan, and we make sure to put clan members first.  We will always have people for you to party up with, and we also have participated in all clans ops since we started out clan.  Best showing so far is 9th in our first ever clan op: most kills TDM.


                                            If you are interested, check out our website, or shoot me a friend request on XBOX Live: IVIikeKicksAss


                                            Also, I will send you a message via XBL as well.

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                                              Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

                                              Hey I know your looking for a bigger clan but if you want to have fun and play with a good group of guys DominationKings is a great clan. Leave a message on the elite page and we can get you started no requirements no tryouts we just have fun winning!

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                                                Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

                                                Hey anyone looking for a clan? join mine. Just made it today, so only has one person in it which is me (6/2/12) Anyone interested message me on XBL: TF Odin1221

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