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    Decent Answers for valid Questions !!

      I have a reasonable question to ask !!

      I am a mum who plays because I enjoy the game, I have 2 sons who play but one is ps3, I dont understand why my rep on xbox is not good, it says 33% Language, I have never had a bad word to say until today, when a kid decided to start abusing me, so on went my headset to put him straight .


      I dont have any friends on here as I dont know how to get them.


      I am not bad on here for a woman, I kill and get killed, I just wish people would be a bit kinder, I always help out team mates as much as possible, I look at them as my bro's. It all seems a bit dog eat dog though !


      I called myself Killerzui after my cat, but cant even change that to something more feminine to show Im not a kid Im 38 years old.


      Please if you could give me some good advice on the game, I have a very good sense of humour and am laid back, would some friends

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