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        Is there anything that the gamers can do about hackers in other Call of Duty games? Would reporting them to BanCandy work? I really want these hackers dealth with but the usual reporting for PSN just doesn't work? Is there anything we can do?

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          Moopus wrote:


          vims1990 wrote:


          G IH A IN ID II wrote:


          There is no difference other than in session selection. We are reverting to a past method we used to determine session selection. Lobbies will be searched for using the location of the party host rather than factoring in an even ping to the host amongst party members.




          G IH A IN iD II




          When you mean "past method", you're specifically talking about MW2?

          I believe he is.

          In previous MW titles the party host was solely responsible for session selection. The session to the party host with the best ping was chosen. Of course unfortunately the game had other issues like party members who could not connect to the selected host being left behind in lobbies. We have fixed this issue in MW3. Your party will atomically join a lobby as a single entity.


          On MW3 currently it tries to chose a session which gives all players in the parrty as good a ping to the host as possible. In a situation where 5 West Coast members and 1 UK player are partied up this can result in a situation where the party has the same ping to the host as each other whereas a West Coast session would have potentially been preferable for 5 of the 6 players. This does mean, however, players will need to manually manage who is their party host for the optimum matchmaking experience. Quicker searches should occur and peak member ping improve under this paradigm.




          G IH A IN ID II

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            Ghandi I know your team feels that shotguns are fine right now but you need to explain what is happening in the clip above.  Neither target is moving so lag can have a minimal effect if any.  The only two possibilities are that shotguns have some awful hit detection or they are underpowered.  This stuff happens relatively frequently.  We know that the pump shotguns and the aa12 severely under perform compared to the other primaries in mw3. 


            http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200407720 <<< this is my shotgun thread.


            The thread I created got a ton of support for a buff.  The people who opposed a buff were easily proven to have no evidence to support their position.  Some people in the cod community just hate shotguns for no reason.  We have statistical evidence, video/picture evidence, and the general opinion of the people that use the pumps and aa12 is that they are under powered.  I know it doesn't take much work to change a few stats on a few weapons.  The shotguns have some serious problems that need to be adressed.

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              Sounds great GHANDI, appreciate the response back.


              Maccabi seems pretty confident about this as well considering he has been helpful in the networking area for Black Ops & MW3.

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                I would be fine with just an explanation for now.

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                  ashiddygamer wrote:


                  Cold_Roses wrote:


                  Hey G IH A IN ID II,


                  I know you guys aren't really looking at weapon balance too much right now, but the USAS 12 needs a quick look. It currently has more sprint time than any other weapon - about 8 to 10 seconds standard. It also has far more range than any other shotgun, however the bonus sprint time is a real issue. Add extreme conditioning and you can sprint for about 15 seconds.


                  We're not allowed to talk about shotguns (or anything besides lag/hacks/bugs for that matter) in this thread. You'll probably be more successful discussing it in the MW3 General section, though they feel that all shotguns are "fine" at this point.


                  Good luck, my friend. You will need it.

                  Please see my earlier response.




                  G IH A IN ID II

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                    PLease take out lag comp for gods sake COD4 was the best and will be until you go tback to putting the online play like that one.

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                      G IH A IN ID II,


                      Can we get a heads up about a week before the final prestige levels are added? I keep repeating 15th to stockpile tokens and would hate to restart 15th a few days before 16-20 are released. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

                      (I'm about to repeat 15th right now so that's why I remembered to ask)

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                        lemdog04 wrote:


                        when i was playing.....i noticed that when i played solo i could get in lobbies at <50ms.    usually about 99.5% of the time this happens and im 10mb/2mb.


                        but when i party up with my buddy less than 10 miles away and i am host of that party,  and we search a game,   it goes into games higher than <150 - <175 most of the time.


                        he is on a lower internet connection speed than i am.   i think around 6mb down or less.


                        and those games we are in are sh!t for connection and i had a horrible experience with insta-deaths, curving bullets....etc.



                        i havent played solo in a long time in mw3 cuz it got boring by myself and listening to myself rage at the BS.  haha.



                        Please see my recent post regarding party matchmaking and an upcoming change. The currently live system searches for party sessions were the ping of players in a party to the host are as good as they can be for all members in the party. This means it will be finding a session where the ping for your friend is as good as it can be. This can lead to some members suffering a ping degradation. We are changing this. See my East Coast, UK party example a few posts back.




                        G IH A IN ID II

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                          bubbacake wrote:


                          I would really appreciate feedback on this. What can be done about hackers in other Call of Duty games? I understand not being able to push out a patch for a ban/reporting function, but couldn't we report them to BanCandy somehow? I always take down a player's name and try to report them on PSN but their reporting service is glitched. I have a lot of players to report and I want them dealt with.

                          Unfortunately we have no banning mechanism in titles prior to Black Ops.




                          G IH A IN ID II