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        480. Re: This is Lag Compensation

        I've not bought any DLC for MW3, the multiplayer just isnt as slick as Black Ops was for me. Its still good fun but I strangely have no desire to buy any DLC for it. I guess I just feel I'm not missing anything by doing so. To plough additional money into MW3 will only lead to more resentment at its flaws.

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          481. Re: This is Lag Compensation

          I already bought Elite so, cant quite do the "no DLC thing" but I am participating in the blackout, as well as Dizzaray, JaybirdG, and BubbaG01.


          I have heard experienced and believed in Lag Comp problems dating back to my first Black ops match, but I had not seen the true effects of it until this week.


          I have 2 internet connections now, the 30/3 Cable internet with an average 48ms ping rate and now a 13/1.5 Uverse internet with an average 42ms ping rate. When switching from the 30/3 to the 13/1.5 from first match on my K/D approximately doubled and has remained constant through the majority of the games I play. I still get an occasional game or two where I get pwned but it instantly changed from most games I play being a total lagfest and a 9 kill max to most games being a negative lagfest (meaning I can tell that players are getting screwed over when I kill them sometimes) and close to 30 kills. I can tell I am seeing players first and getting an advantage in firefights.


          I called in my first osprey on the very first night of using the slower speed.


          It appears that Upload speed is key or albeit, the lack thereof. The ping rates of both connections are below 50 and are very close (within 6ms) but having half the UL speed appeared to directly translate into twice or better the experience.


          For those of you who still for some reason think that all this Lag Comp stuff is just sucky players that are whinning because they suck and you are a beast and la la la... This is absolutely proof to me andd my wife (my woman likes to kill folks, lol) that lower speeds = more kills.


          New campaign for beast clans:


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            482. Re: This is Lag Compensation

            I just played a match of domination and the whole lobby was out of sync i pressed my uav yep OK it's up i get 100 points and then about 4 seconds later you here uav online. This happened the whole game every time a uav or any thing else was put in the air. Then there was one person using striker who was annihilating every one i his path at one point ther was 3 of us shooting at him and no we were not standing close to each other. He was able to kill us all and get hardly any damage as i watched the kill cam he shot me first then the other 2. But on my screen he was shooting at the other 2 guys first then i came up and started shooting him WTF?. How is that possible? everyone was saying the lobby was out of sync and half of the left at the end of game. There was also 3 other guys that seemed to be invincable so i watched the kill cams and could not believe what i saw oh well might try some Black Ops.

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              483. Re: This is Lag Compensation

              Thats what I've been playing.  It's not perfect, but far better connection wise than this game.  So for me, it equals alot more fun.

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                484. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                Mar 20, 2012


                ...I'm guessing that they're treating this like it's a network-related issue, and if they can somehow optimize everyone's ping-to-host (through tweaking matchmaking parameters, region locks, etc.), it will work itself out...


                Apr 2, 2012

                Demultanocte wrote:


                Is it possible to have some infos on these problems :


                - matchmaking, regional lock search and parties problems;

                - problems during the gameplay like 1 second behind others, no hitmarkers, framerate decrease, etc.. all things related with lag compensation;

                - spawn system (spawn revenge, spawn on liberation, spawn in front an enemy, etc..)

                We are working on matchmaking for parties to change the system to one where the party host dictates the region searched for sessions rather than all players in the party. This should result in faster matchmaking and allow parties to manage connectivity themselves.


                We'll see how this works before considering  working on some form of regional locking. Previous CoD regional locks have been largely placebo. The games would search locally and if a session was not found they would fall back to general population searches. With the weighted geolocation system we are now using, allowing players to lock to their own region has a detrimental affect on players in low population areas as we've seen when MicroSoft's weighting algorithm has needed adjustment.


                We continue to look at network performance. We're hoping the matchmaking changes will improve this. Your match is only as good as the session you are placed in. Searching for sessions with an even ping to all players was well intentioned but may be causing ALL players to enter sessions where the ping is lower than optimal rather than for a FEW in the case where the party is geographically spread over a wide area.


                To be frank, we also believe at this juncture so many people are throttling their bandwidth and inducing latency on their connections that this is directly contributing to issues with lag.


                The spawn system has been assigned a lower priority than the above issues for the time being.




                G IH A IN ID II


                Apr 2, 2012

                It sounds like you'll entertain any & all possible causes for MW3's lag-related issues except MW3 itself:

                • maybe it's players' improperly configured connections

                • maybe it's players throttling their connections

                • maybe it's players' ISPs

                • maybe it's players' regions

                • maybe it's Xbox Live's matchmaking algorithms


                Yet all MW3 patches so far regarding matchmaking, connection disparities among players, & regions have been unsuccessful at significantly reducing MW3's lag-related issues. Many have reported that these updates have made lag-related problems even worse.

                And, as has already been pointed out many times before, customers can play other online multiplayer games (including previous Call of Duty titles) over the exact same connections & consoles/platforms with nowhere near the frequency & severity of lag-related problems experienced when playing MW3.

                It seems like all evidence points to something about MW3 itself being very different from the way other online multiplayer games function over our existing platforms & connections.

                It looks like MW3's multiplayer may have been built to function properly only in the best possible conditions - like conditions that exist only your testing environment.

                MW3 multiplayer doesn't perform reliably in real-world conditions, and it seems like all attempts to address MW3's lag-related issues so far have been aimed at changing real-world conditions (through matchmaking tweaks, region locks, etc.) to conform more to the conditions in which MW3 can function properly.

                Instead of trying to change the rest of the world to work around MW3, how about changing MW3 itself to function better in real-world online gaming conditions?

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                  485. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                  I agree with you 100% operater-1 if i can be put into a local game in Australia with everyone else being local and the lobby still runs out of sync as in my statement from a few days ago, how is changing search options going to fix that. Matchmaking is not the issue poor netcoding is the reason and unstable lag compensation. G IH A IN ID II  maybe right being able to change settings to local only will make matchmaking better but it is not addressing the original issue, POOR LAG COMPENSATION AND NETCODING. Matchmaking was not a problem for me until the DLC map pack came out but the other 2 issues have been there since day 1 of game release and is undeniably still a problem that they seem not able to fix.I have now gone back to Black Ops and i am having great fun sure it suffers a bit from poor netcoding but nothing like MW3. And i am noticing a huge increase in players on this game now and when speaking to them they all say the same thing MW3 is unplayable and that is why they have gone back to Black Ops. So the saying that the customer is right must have some truth to it, if they do not fix this game it is going to come back and bite them in the proverbial

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                    486. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                    Lets think for a moment.  If this game was programmed like any other game should be, limiting your bandwith should decrease your connection and lag advantage.  Intead, you are rewarded for having a slower connection.


                    As long as worse connection/limited bandwith = better (and unfair) lag advantage... well guess what... people are going to continue to do it.


                    Fix your code so you are not rewarded for having a worse connection and the incentive to mess with your connection no longer exists. 


                    How much are these guys getting paid?  And they don't realize this?

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                      487. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                      Since the last update it's worse than ever. I get put into lobbies where every one is from Brazil, Canada, UK, etc.. I live in TN USA. Even in this situation, I'm still selected as host which adds to the lag comp, delaying my visuals -making it impossible to kill anyone.

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                        488. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                        Any update from IW.  Its funny they asked for proof and now they have proof but they have gone silence.


                        What a bunch of jackasses!

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                          489. Re: This is Lag Compensation

                          Still no reply or acknowledgment from IW/Sledghammer on this thread? They've no doubt been instructed to AVOID REPLYING to this thread. Its so damn obvious. Best way to respond is to not buy any DLC (I've not bothered to buy any). Why would anyone spend more money on a cut n shut effort that MW3 is.  

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