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    Shotgun is too broken

      I've been trying to get the biggest part of the titles. Which includes doing 500 kills with the shotgun (at first) and get the maximum weapon proficiency.

      Now, my average kills and deaths ratio is about 2.10, which is fine and you don't hear me complain. I don't really mind getting a bad game because I know that's how MW3 works.


      Playing with shotgun doesn't get me above 1 on 1 - kill/deaths. It's not that I care that much about it - but I often feel like really I should have gotten a higher score. Mostly because the shotgun is not working and is broken as hell. I've played with all shotguns up till now and not one works regularly. I mean, if you would stand 3 feet away from someone and blast with a shotgun, wouldn't that person be dead?


      Anyway, I had enough of it and thought... maybe if this gets attention, something will change. I have about 2% faith in that, but at least I tried.

      Tell me what you think!





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          Half of the time your aim was way off...and if I remember correctly the SPAS doesn't have the best pellet spread of all of the shotguns. If you're looking for something consistent at close range try the KSG

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              His aim wasn't the best but he got hitmarkers when his aim on with steady aim. Title is totally true, I have about 6000 with the striker 3000 with the spas and about a 1000 for all the other ones except the Model, and they all suck. Even with damage you get hitmarkers at close range. You should go to this thread, the Shotgun Balance thread, someone posted great buff ideas there and we have quite a bit of support allready. http://www.callofduty.com/thread/200407720

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                  Yeah but he got hitmarkers because he was firing when half of his sights were to the right or the left of the target; at that point it's somewhat random how many pellets actually hit the target. I'm pretty sure the Model has a terrible pellet spread such that even if you get them in your crosshairs point blank that you still get hitmarkers. Haven't used the SPAS enough to know if that's the case with it as well.

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                Shotguns can be frustrating.  I play mostly domination and the shotties can be devastating.  Granted, you're not going to go 30-6 when using them, but they are a force to be reckoned with.  Once you get damage proficiency they are nearly unbeatable in CQC.    Toss a flash by a dom point to soften them up then turn the corner and ****.  Models are the most effective in my opinion.  They seem to have the best range

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                  Sure sometimes the aim wasn't head on.. but completely off? I don't think so. Shotguns are supposed to have at least a tiny bit of 'splash dmg' right? Even at 2 moments (1 in both video) I shoot right at the body and I don't even get a hit marker.


                  I think the damage is 'alright' of shotguns in general, but it sometimes just doesn't register or just gives a minor hit. It's just too... inconsistent in the game. It's like it can't keep track of all the shots with all the laggy gameplay and stuff, you know? Don't you agree?


                  I think if even half of a 'shotgun shot' would hit a person from a few feet, so really close range - you must be dead.

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                    shotguns can be frusterating (damn you model 1887!), but once you unlock the proficiencies like damage they become beast. i always use ADS and not hip fire, found lot of success with this. other day i went 40-5 with SPAS

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                        All the shotties are frustrating to level up thats part of the challenge once you get damage/range it does get better.Plus you have to change your play style as you need to get up close and personal.Love using my shotgun(except striker) getting up close and blowing them in half lol great when you give someone a fright haha the reaction on the mic is great.Even though they can be frustrating at times eg point blank hitmarkers I always enjoy using them.

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                        I played against a guy running around with the USas one shotting every single person from stupid distances. So no, theyre not broken.

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                          I know that they get better when you get the proficiencies and things, but you really have to go through hell to reach that. You have to play like 50 games getting scores of 9 - 9, to get to the damage/range extras. Of course it's a challenge - and I like a challenge! But it just seems a little unfair at times. That shots don't register and all that stuff. I don't even understand why I have to hit someone 3 times on the head (with an assault rifle) to get a headshot, you know? It's just not right.

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                            It wont change why? IW Lead Designers and Producers dont like Shotguns... Its just that simple... They dont like shotgun and they barely like LMGs.... Finally in 4-5 CODs LMGs are good now..... Really?


                            Then on top of that you got whiney kids who hate getting shot in the face with shotguns when they are camping or running mindlessly..


                            Using shotgun in any game takes skill. In this game good luck (if you don't use the striker or USAS... They do this purposely Think about it. SoH works with all guns the same except all the shot guns. Pump shotguns that is.. With SoH the pump to load a slug is so slow no change at all to the "pump" animation. So I ask what the point of using them? Close quarters combat should be shotgun heaven but nope you can barely kill someone with one shot to the face... So we use the OP shotguns Striker and USAS... If you dont kill someone with one shot you can shoot again "QUICKLY" not slowly pump the shotgun. I can't believe someone with any since would make ANY gun thats this weak by mistake... They dont want us to use these guns. So nothing will ever change.


                            Thats why im not buying another COD game before I try it first.. I can't wait for other better games to come out..

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                              u wont go 30-6 with shotguns? are u kiddin me? lol...my best game with a shotty so far is 51-10...plenty of others at 30+ kills and minimal deaths...i feel ur pain with hitmarkers...its a shotgun...close range...hitmarkers should be NONEXISTANT...it doesnt matter about the sights being half off of ur target when ur within 10-20 feet...u ever bust some double odd 12 gauge rounds at somethin at that range in reality? IT DESTROYS ALL BEFORE IT...so yea the hitmarkers crap is frustrating...im pretty sure most of it is lag comp cuz in the matches where i dont get lag comp'd i rarely see a hitmarker...lag comp matches is another story...u tell me how u can justify 8 hitmarkers with a striker with damage on it at 20 feet? or even this...i get hitmarkers with javelins also...explain how A MISSILE WONT KILL U IF IT HITS U AT ALL? those are tank killers...designed to penetrate 3 inch thick plate armor on the tops of tanks...HITMARKERS? SERIOUSLY? lmao@ even wondering what the issue is here...lag comp..ever got hooked on a corner and u know that u were nowhere near it for it to stop ur sprint? once again lag comp..rubber banding effect? host disadvantage...ppl "moonkwalkin" in front of u then disappearing? host disadvantage or regular old lag...when u run extreme conditioning pro and someone not running it beats u to a point closer to your spawn than theirs at the start of the game? lag comp...and what does infinity ward do about it? nerf this gun or equipment...buff this gun or equipment...patch matchmaking for areas with low amount of ppl on xbl to make it easier for them to find local matches , ruining matchmaking for the rest of us and knocking the lag comp further off...all the while overlooking where most of the problems with the game are coming from THE DAMN LAG COMP...if the server cant see where u are accurately on the map what makes anyone think the hitmarkers and all the other stuff arent way off too? spawns are horrible at times too...think it might be lag comp when u spawn RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERY ENEMY TEAM MEMBER??? i would guess yea...probably so.

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                                this is why i use the aa12 with extended mags and range

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                                  Yes, a ton of this stuff is true.  The damage that base shotguns put out is very weak and the damage proficiency can fix some of these problems but bs hitmarkers still happen in almost every game even with the damage proficiency.  Those hitmarkers in the videos are very typical even for damage proficiency shotguns.  I have a thread up that discusses shotgun balance in detail, I think everyone in this thread would like it.  Here is the link.



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                                    Okey, because someone said my aim was off please check this video - which just happened in DOME. The game also started with 5 v 7 players (rediculous).


                                    Please check this out and tell me what you think:




                                    They are 2 shots straight on the head from 1 feet - he's not moving - and I really need a third shot.


                                    Shotguns, broken or not?

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                                        There is literally no excuse for that and lag had almost no effect because both targets were stationary.  Shotguns are too weak.  IW discriminated against shotguns in mw3.  The rest of the primaries in mw3 have stopping power built into their close range damage.  Shotguns start off awefull and even the damage and range proficiency only improve some of the inconsistencies but come no where near balanceing shotguns.