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    Not so gamebreaking now


      All the fuss about the prestige token glitch, getting IW to focus their time on that, and then all of a sudden, GOD MODE HACK.  That prestige token glitch is peanuts compared to the god mode hack.  Granted it is still an exploit that is against the rules, you could still kill that person.  You blew your complaint load on the token glitch and now the hackers have snuck in the back door while IW is working on fixing the token glitch and the damage glitch.  So my question to you is this now, would you rather face a lobby full of token glitchers or god mode hackers?  And tell me that the token glitch wasn't as bad as you all made it out to be.


      And since a lot of you have ADD, I am not condoning the token glitch, because I did it and felt stupid and embarrased to the point where I had to turn myself in...I am just stating that police should find the guy who murdered 2 people than the kid who took 2 mountain dews from the local store.  Both are wrong, but there should be priorities set based on severity.


      Game on!


      P.S. Any word on when the clan ops will begin on elite?

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          Ive been wondering about clan ops myself. Who really knows. Anyone ever get on the Elite forums and is willing to ask about clan ops?

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            How about I don't want to go up against any body who is doing any kind of glitching? To me, they're all the same whether you're god mode hacking or doing the token glitch. I just wish they would take a more devasting consequence for these people.


            Token glitch? 5000 day ban. Damage Proficiency glitch? 5000 day ban. It's not like you can accidentally do any of these things. Ban 'em for good.

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                I Agree with you for the most part. But they should also look at other games in their recent matches because it is possible to accidently glitch the game. for example the other day i was playing on village. I got a predator an crouched behind an object to use it. (wont say which object because I don't want to give anyone any bright ideas). when i stood back up after using my predator i still had my laptop equipped, but also had no primary weapon suddenly. i rushed forward to steal an enemies gun and realized that no matter how hard they tried they could not kill me. Thus, i stumbled upon an accidental 'God Mode' I killed about 3 people, felt like a ****, then sat in the corner of the map for the rest of the map.


                Point being, some glitches are accidental, each case should be looked into before a decision is made. If they are doing it on purpose, Than ban those ******* for life!

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                Cheating is cheating, whether it be god mode or the prestige token glitch, your taking advantage of an exploit. At least with god mode, it's more obvious so you can leave a game whereas someone doing the token glitch, how would you know unless you looked up their gamertag?

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                  The vast majority of people doing this are the young kids who just don't care, hitting their parents in the pocket by forcing them to pay for a new account will stop some but I don't know what can be done beyond that.  They can easily change ISP, used machines can be picked up for next to nothing so where does that leave us?  It's getting to sound more and more like a battle that can't be won.

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                      Just because they can't be stopped with a single ban doesn't mean it should go without punishment. For example, Say you lock up 100 people for murder. Now lets say one of thoe people happens to get out of jail in one way or another and kills another person. should the cops just throw in the towel and say "**** it we can't stop em I give up!"? If a permant ban was issued in these cases, im not just talking about reseting stats, but a real ban then these little prideless children would at the very least know that if they wanna cheat they better have the money for a new xbox.