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    Supreme is back! -  League Team - EU - 27k Hits!

      Image and video hosting by TinyPicSupreme, IS BACK! Team Supreme has returned, back and standing strong after the tragidy of Mw3. We are looking for fresh meat, people who are willing to stand united in the name of supreme. Stand with honor and respect! We were most definatly one of the biggest mw3 clans at release, along with 4horsemen. We want to once again rise up! Do you think you are truely supreme?


      The reason for us not getting to level 50 in elite is simple, Mw3 bored all of us, we decided that it was not worth our time, and we went on to better and greater things. We had over 60+ members with the highest Founder:free member ratio ever! We are now preparing for the upcoming title, black ops 2, which we hope will not dissapoint us, and great news ELiT3 is free! So you dont need to be a premium member! Now, on to the important things, since most of the clan is still inactive, i am looking for new leaders, new captains and mercenaries! So apply asap! Remember, i will be accepting the applications on Elite, however i would rather you add my psn and we talk from there.


      What we are looking for!


      -Fun members, that can have a laugh

      -Maturity isn't a problem, be as imature as you like, Yes, this means banter with the other team, but never have a serious/aggresive arguement with a team member.

      -Age isn't a concern, although we would like 14 and over!

      -Absolute loyalty. This means following commands and directions in GB's, and other clan related issues.

      -Preferably from the UK, or EU, but anyone is welcome to join as long as they speak english

      -A mic, we want to talk to you, and want you to talk back!


      What we are looking for, skill wise!

      -Team players

      -Party up with us when invited

      -Learn the abbreviations for ingame combat

      -Communicate well

      -K/D for Blackops/mw3 over 1.5


      Please fill this form in:

      - Current PSN:

      - Age:

      - Which country do you live in:

      - Activity:

      - Whats more important to you, W/L or K/D:

      - What gamemodes interest you most:

      - If you had to have a new username that contained X4, what would it be:

      - Other skills:

      The roaster:





      Emperyan Triangle


      -Could be you- (0/2)


      S-class soldiers

      -Could be you- (0/95)

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          1. Supreme - S class Soldiers

          im interested, do you guys have try outs or anything?

          MY COD resume:

          have played COD 4 never online though

          MW2 played online on regular bases but was average

          Black Ops i started slow but now as a 15th prestige im above average.

          will be getting MW3 hardened so elite premiun is a go.

          im more of an objective player with my forte being CTF but i can very quickly adjust to other game modes and situations depending on how they come. In general i like to play with organized ppl with everyone having a genral job. i am very friendly and dont get serious unless i have to because after all its only a game that i bought to have fun. And finally i will proably do montages and comentaries for MW3. Any other questions dont be shy and ask.


          My PSN is X_GrimDeath_X

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            2. Re: Supreme - S class Soldiers

            Right'oh, At the current time and moment, there will be no try outs. After all, whats the point of trying out some one on a different game, than the actual intent. Even if it is a similar game, the physics could just be different and impact the player.


            All i need to know is, what country you are from. And if possible, link me your youtube channal.


            And if you want. PM me your skype,msn or w/e =3

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              3. Supreme - S class Soldiers

              im in the US in RI and i havent uploaded that much yet but hear is my channel and also check the description of the montage for another link http://http://www.youtube.com/user/GrimDeathplaysCOD?feature=mhee

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                4. Re: Supreme - S class Soldiers

                Well, i live in the UK. But we can make arrangements. I have a plan, i always do

                Also, i cant access the link for some strange reason :S


                edit: nvm, i had to fix the URL ;P

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                  5. Re: Supreme - S class Soldiers

                  hahaha ok lol

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                    6. Re: Supreme - S class Soldiers

                    Right, ill have you added by tommorow, well in Uk time. Its fairly late around here x.x and schools a pain in the ass. So yeah have fun. Also, try find some possible recruits.

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                      7. Supreme - S class Soldiers

                      I will be interested in joining your clan once MW3 comes out

                      played MW3 for about 6 months was way above average on that game usu like 25+ kills i played headquarters, TDM domination, ground war

                      but that PS3 was my brothers friend and he sold it so dont play that anymore


                      after that i played Black Ops for about 3 months again way above average if my team is right 25+ kills every match headquarters, sabotage, domination mostly some team tactical as well... but that PS3 was my other brothers friend and we returned it to him


                      Now my brother just bought a PS3 recently and have the game preordered hardened ofcourse and will be playing full time..

                      no youtube...

                      might also buy a black ops game soon but underconsideration atm

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                        8. Re: Supreme - S class Soldiers

                        Well, if you , like me, can go a month without black ops, id say dont buy it.


                        Anyway, What is your PSN, ill add you when i come home. ;3


                        Also, where are you from?

                        Last Edited: Sep 28, 2011 11:47 PM
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                          9. Supreme - Hard core gaming clan -

                          Well will have to recreate my online due to it not working for me for some reason...

                          but i will let you know once i get it...

                          im from Chicago

                          Last Edited: Sep 29, 2011 2:10 PM
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