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    is XP in drop zone bugged or is my understanding of how XP works in this game wrong?

      Myself and a firend have noticed this issue and not sure if its a bug or if our understanding of the xp is wrong. We have noticed that the score we have at the end of the match on the scoreboard is not the same as the amount of XP we are awarded at the end of the match. Example sometimes score 3000+ on the scoreboard but only awarded 1100 xp in the game summary.


      The following quote is from http://community.callofduty.com/message/106101583#106101583



      "You'll earn 20 points per team member, for every second they're in the drop zone plus 20 XP individually for your time spent in the zone."



      I done some testing on this and played an entire game of drop zone with not killing anyone and only scoring points by being in the dropzone. I did get 1 assist but that was it for the entire match. my score on the scoreboard at the end was 1380. 0 kills, 1 assist and 9 deaths. However when i looked at the game summary after the game it only showed my match XP as 20 (which i guess was for the assist.).


      So the question is. Is it a bug that dropzone points are not actually applying to XP at the end of a match or are they not ment to and the quote above is wrong?

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