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    [PS3]Team Lost Command on Facebook and www.lostcommand.tk REGISTER AND JOIN US NOW!

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      And Register and join the clan on http://lostcommand.tk/


      Check out our elite clan page on elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/92398


      Also check out our call of duty forum thread http://community.callofduty.com/message/106045395#106045395






      LC Admin: whoatemynova / splurge33 [ADD US UP ON PSN IF INTERESTED]

      ***Clan Website: www.LostCommand.tk***

      -Register an account and apply today!-


      Lost Command Gaming is recruiting anyone that is looking to play as a team and have fun through clan objectives. We will be organizing various core teams for competition, leveling, clan challenges/objectives.


      All of our clan information and process for recruitment can be found on our website




      To fill out an application to join or to receive extra information about the clan, you can visit our Clan Website at: www.LostCommand.tk


      When Registering on the Site, Please make sure your user name is the same as your PSN ID.


      Please feel free to post any questions or concerns on this post or on our clans forums


      Hope to hear from you soon


      -LC Admin Team


      ***Clan Website: www.LostCommand.tk***

      -Register an account and apply today!-