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    [PS3]The White Shadows Clan | www.wshadows.com [Founded in 2007]



      Modern Warfare 3 Competition




      Welcome to the White Shadows Clan. Founded in 2007, we profile ourselves as a Multigaming Clan in which Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II plays a certain big role. For our Competition Squad, we are looking for new soldiers to join the squad.

      We are looking specifically for a person with a similar profile:

      1. You are in possession of a PSN-ID and have a legal copy of  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and/or Call of Duty: Black Ops II on the Playstation 3 system.
      2. You understand the english language and you are able to communicate perfectly; on voicechat and in writing.
      3. You are a teamplayer, motivated, loyal and interested in our events and meetings. You're also able to handle critics, which is only given to improve yourselves.
      4. Due to timezone restrictions, We prefer members from Europe as we are not fully operational in suitable american times.



      Meet the above requirements? We offer you the following features;


      1. A vast position in a Clan where friendship and competition are two important elements.
      2. The ability to work yourself up in ranks, earning you additional features.
      3. Acces to the Clan Forum; http://www.wshadows.com
      4. The ability to join our clan on Elite and take part in our official Clan Operations
      5. The ability to enlist in clan-competitions, where you can win actual prizes.



      Do you reconize yourself in the described profile and do you wish to be part of an extra dimension to your gaming experience? Maybe you're the person we may be looking for!

      By joining our Clan's Modern Warfare 3 Competition squad, you'll be also invited to our Elite Clan and be granted the oppertunity to take part in Call of Duty's Official clan operations.
      Visit our website; www.wshadows.com

      Hoperfully we see you appear very shortly with us!

      White Shadows PS3 Division Leader



      How to join us


      Are you interested and wish to join the White Shadows Clan?

      You can visit our website: www.wshadows.com and check out the 'Join' tab. There you can select the PS3 division to apply for.


      NOTE: You must register for an account to join us before being able to make an account. After you registered your account will be approved by an administrator within 12hours or earlier.



      About our Clan

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      The White Shadows Clan
      Founded by [WS]Hyper in 2007