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I'm new to the forums, i once had an account a while back but got bored of it and this is my new one but im having a little more fun this time around. Just a few ideas i think would improve the forums:


1 - customizable icons. i think you should be able to upload your own picture as your icon versus just a few that are already set up. Ive run into multiples of the same icon and well, itd just be nice to not look at the same ones over and over again.


2 - more badges. these badges are cool, i like them, but it could be even better!


3 - MORE FORUMS! MORE PLACES! have topics like "Guns" and "Maps" and "Game Modes" i mean the only ones i even go to really are general discussion and xbox 360! along with support and sometimes extinction. but really, more places to go would lead to more specific conversations, and the forums would definitely hold my attention longer.


4 - easier navigation. i find myself having to click a million different buttons to get to where i wanna go. such a great game deserves great forums! i wouldnt mind if they completely remodeled!


5 - stronger administrator presence. make sure the topics dont get off topic and keep the forums kind!


feel free to share any improvement ideas you have!


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