One of my Skylanders is broken and I got an error message when I put it on the Portal of Power. What do I do?


Be sure to ask a parent or guardian for help.


If you are getting an error that says “A toy on the Portal of Power has a problem”, follow these steps to recover your broken toy.




1. Keep the broken Skylander on the Portal of Power and open the Pause Menu

2. Return to the Main Menu

3. Open Settings

4. Select General




5. Select Reset Broken Toys




6. Select Yes when you are asked to reset the Skylander

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 (this is important!)

8. Keep the Skylander that was reset on the Portal of Power and start a game in Story Mode


Your Skylander will now work again!


If the screen turns black after returning to the game, it probably means you didn't repeat Steps 5 and 6 above. We told you it was important!


If the game won't load and you are only seeing an Elemental icon on the screen, remove the Skylander from the Portal of Power, put it back on the portal, and retry Steps 1 through 8 above.