My portal of power does not turn on at all. None of the lights on the Portal come on. How can I fix this?

Be sure to ask a parent or guardian for help.


Try the following solutions to fix this issue:

  1. This may be due to weak or dead batteries. Try replacing the batteries in the Portal of Power. Make sure to resync the Portal after doing so.
  2. Check to make sure that the wireless receiver is working. Look at the front of the receiver and check to make sure that you can see the red light. You may need to push the button on the front tip of the receiver to get it to come on.
  3. Try placing the receiver in a different USB port. If the Portal of Power and receiver work when the receiver is plugged into a different USB port then it's likely that you have a bad USB port and will need to have your console or computer serviced.


If replacing the batteries and re-syncing the Portal of Power does not fix the issue but the receiver lights up, then you will need to get the Portal of Power replaced.


If you were able to get the Portal of Power to turn on but the receiver never comes on, you will need to get the receiver replaced.


If after trying all troubleshooting options you find that your portal is still non-functional, you can request a replacement portal by going to