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How to use your controller on x box one to open a care package. Never used before and having problems opening before I'm shot, thanks in advance for your advice
in Black Ops 3 General Discussion
I had purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition, so the season pass and all the DLCs are automatically downloaded and activated on my system. Now that the map pack is activated there is no option to…
in Black Ops 3 PlayStation 4
looking for people to help me start a clan up. I want it to be like a team kaliber where the are different groups for snipers, competitive players, comentaters, and others. I'm 16 live in the us and…
in Black Ops 3 Clan Recruitment
hello I contact you car I have Commander 2 months ago MON Now Black Ops 3 and I have not always received my code for the map Nuketown I wish I Have a presciser ordering from Gamestop
in Activision Support
I just bought call of duty ops 3 on ps4  The only active mode is Zombi. How can I activate multiplayer and campaign modes?  Thanks
in Black Ops 3 Support
Why is it so far ive been positve with the razorback and mostly negative with the icr when the specs are almost the same? razorback has longer range but when I put a  long barrel on icr it equals to…
in Black Ops 3 Xbox One
Who is tired of heros running around with vmp/vesper rapid fire fast mag scavenger?.....imo to easy with that set up.....granted skill is required but hey ur not that good....and for those master…
in Black Ops 3 Xbox One
THE clan for having a GREAT time together! 7HzG (Seven Heartz Gaming) is looking for skilled and mature (I'm 34) PS4 players who like to have a good time together playing pubs, we focus on winning…
in Black Ops 3 Clan Recruitment
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