Wanting to do EE on bo2 startin frm tranzit upwards add my gamertag   ScPe D NoLsTeR
in Black Ops II Zombies
Looking to do any of the easter eggs. Must have mic and fair knowledge of the game. If you dont know what the hatch is or you put it on the bus don't reply.
in Black Ops II Zombies
Brand New Clan Killer Contact Me On Kik tobicasas
in Black Ops II Clans
Normally, iJust back out or search for decent groups with mics. It gets a bit lonely playing solo, and, although I'm sure iCan carry a team, there's just something nice about having someone to…
Five out of the six man team are all in the same spot on the map bunny hopping up and down repeatedly with sniper rifles. Like a clan of demented kangaroos  
in Advanced Warfare General Discussion
I've tried using the clan tag listed above. "P0N3" but it denies my action saying "Clan name denied due to prohibited text." Is Treyarch and Activision Anti-Brony, or is there something else I'm not…
in Black Ops II Off Topic
as said in title really, ive been playing for a while now and really want the speakeasy gun, and trying to find out how you get it really keep getting pretty much ever other gun under the sun just…
in Advanced Warfare Xbox One
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