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M27-IAR: How do you beat it?


What is your strategy to win a gun fight against the M27-IAR?


I personally think the gun is too over powered, and I think something needs to be done.


What's everyone's thoughts?

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    I think the LMG are the best it has been in awhile. I do think that it needs to be nerf a little but not to the damage but to add recoil.

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      Lol remember the Mk48/LSAT with target finder? Hold down the lanes sooo hard in domination on BO2, especially if you/they are on headglitches. Now those were some seriously accurate and high damage guns.

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        lol forgot about target finder. Yeah that use to be a pain sometimes.

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          I remember using the MK.48 with rapid fire without a target finder.  The result:  No reaction.


          When I sacrificed rapid fire with a target finder.  The result:  OH MY GOD!   A TARGET FINDER!?!  YOU HAVE NO SKILL AT ALL!!!!


          IMO, the target finder didn't deserve hate.  All it did was place red shapes on non-cold blooded enemies.  It didn't make a weapon overpowered whatsoever.  If it did, then you've fallen under a placebo effect.  Besides, I find it sad how people named the TF overpowered, yet those same exact people thought MW2 did everything right...

          ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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            Now, me and ol' RS here have been at odds opinion-wise many times, but this post right here I agree with 100%. Thermal Scoped LMGs absolutely bury TF LMGs all day long. You have a zoomed in scope that highlights people beautifully, and you have an RDS should you need to deal with someone up close, thus eliminating the tunnel-vision tradeoff that existed before. Filthily powerful camping setup!


            Oh, and LMGs have always been beastly guns. Theres a reason the HK21 was my most used weapon on BO1, anywhere other than up close it'd slam down anything, even the almighty FamAugLils paled in comparison once you were outside of SMG range!

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    How do I beat it? Well I think I just shoot the guy holding it. The gun definitely is not OP. This is getting ridiculous you guys have literally called every single gun lethal killstreak etc op, JUST STOP

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    How to beat an M27 user:


    1. Have ballistic vests during the engagement.

    2. Shoot them from behind.

    3. Knife them from behind or quickly in front.

    4. Use a sniper rifle at long range.

    5. Blast them with a shotgun at close range.

    6. Don't die.

    7. Pay attention.

    8. Aim for his/her head

    9. Use an IED

    10. Call in your guard dog

    11. Fire a rocket launcher at him/her

    and more


    I hope this helped.



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    This is coming from a Gunner.  The only thing you have to do to defeat a gunner is flank and use an AR or SMG.  That way your raise time is quicker and you are coming from a direction they aren't expecting.  Sounds like you are trying to stand back at distance and take a machine gunner head on.  That doesn't work in real life or COD.


    I have better range and more ammo than you.  I will kill you 100% of the time if you take me head on at range.  If you flank me, all I have is a pistol.  Most gunners don't even carry that.


    In others words, the weapon is fine, the tactics you are using don't work.  Try changing your tactics and see what happens.


    The M27 is a good weapon, but I don't even consider it the best LMG much less OP.

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    Really? Really? REALLY?! Please don't play this game anymore, people like you is the reason the MSBS got nerfed among other things. EVERY gun has its strong points AND weak point, it's up to us to use our guns in a way that gives us the advantage and exploit the enemys guns disadvantage. LMG for example are beast at mid to long range with 100 round clips so they can destroy anything infront of them, as many people here have stated LMG are poor from close range they have long ads time and poor movement, unless upped by perk. There is plenty you can do to beat not just M-27, not just LMGs but EVERY gun in the game. STOP calling guns OP and think for once.

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    They're the worst LMGs in COD for some time wrt centrespeed.  Count yourself lucky you're not playing a 3arc game because they'd be better.

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    Try the MTAR-X

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    Try noob-tubes and danger close

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    When you run with a AR of SMG you ADS far quicker than the person with the LMG.

    They do more damage but they lack in speed.

    I use lmg's next to AR. Every cod. Yes a LMG is great for holding down area's etc but when you need to go to a flag quick no way. Than I rather have a AR or smg.


    And if you can't beat them join them

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    What is your KDR with this unbeatable gun in comparison to your ARs and SMGs?

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    My K/D with the M27-Thermal is 3.75, I post up (ie, camp!) with it on maps like Prison Break, Overlord, and Octane and just wreck. How do you beat me head on, 1v1? Typically, you never do. This gun, when deployed at its strengths, is going to drop you faster than you can get on target. If you bring a friend, ok, you might win, but chances are, I kill you and run into cover. Thats right, I run away when I know I'm at a disadvantage. Whiners call it cowardice, I call it playing the game.

    So how do you kill me? By playing smart, and flanking around me. Getting in close where I have very little chance of winning the gunfight. The M27 has horrible hipfire and typically I have the thermal up and not the hybrid red dot so ADSing takes longer and I should be dead before I get the gun on target. That said, watch out for that first IED, and the dog, and if you take too long, I'll have the Grach out.

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    How do you beat it? Easy... You put it in my hands. Sometimes I can't kill the freaking grass in this game!

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    i shoot the guy in the head

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    Aim and shoot ! Its not as op as you think .

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    Ignore the trolls!


    This gun is too overpowered and those defending it are those who relies on this gun as a crutch. The only way to beat it is to keep bugging IW until they nerf it heavily. That gun is simply not fair for no-skill players like me. Let's take to twitter and keep tweetting IW until they nerf this god mode gun.



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      LOL!  Very funny!  Here's another way I just thought of to beat the M27


      1)  Learn how to code.  You must be quick to do this one as Ghosts will be over in 10 months.  If you have a degree, that will help.


      2)  Get a job programming for Infinity Ward.  It would probably help to know someone who already works there.


      3)  Lobby to be placed into the weapons development team.  This may involve trading favors.  Use your imagination!


      4)  Write that killer patch that will completely destroy that evil M27.  You could even add some humiliating things to it just in case someone still wants to use it.


      Once done with that, light a cigar beacuse you can beat the M27 now!

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    Shooting back usually helps, they are well exposed (most of the time).

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    I have zero issues with the M27... Personally, I think its a great weapon, just doesn't fit my play style... I look at the LMGs (outside of the chainsaw) as camping weapons...


    How to beat it is the same as any other weapon. Know the strengths and weakness of your weapon of choice... SMG - stay out of long site lines, and look for short to medium engagements instead. I know this is basic information but its as simple as that. No sense in over thinking it...