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Die Rise Script Error?


I attempted to play Die Rise solo, offline to test a few things, and becasue i didnt want to be online at the time, the game loads, starts the cutscene but Samuel gets cut off, he says "I don't und-" the game then goes black, loads and comes up with the error message "*******2 Script Errors"


...Help please?

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    Could be a corrupt download. Try again, and if you get the same issue, wait a bit. Try restarting your console. If the problem persists, you should either re-download or your console is having issues.

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    A couple of friends and myself are experiencing the same thing. Worked fine while connected to internet and once offline. We later tried a system link match and ended up doing the same exact thing you mentioned. We then tried solo and ends up getting the script error.

         So yea buddy, you're not alone in this problem.

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    Most people with this error in the technical support, including my friends:


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    This is total BS..the game obtains an update server command on connecting to xbox live as you can play with ethernet disconnected after you have obtained that from their servers.. Hence if you turn on black ops 2 without being on the internet you cannot play Die Rise. I Dont know if this was an error or on purpose, but i want to be able to play a game and mode i paid 75$ for whether my internet connection is on or off. Patch it Treyarch!!!

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      This is really disappointing.  I paid crazy money and waited a long while for this. The least they could do is make it right from the beginning! 

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      I fully agrea with this guy....When I got Die Rise(and other goodies with it) I downloaded it in the night while I slept it finished, next morning I was Suspended from xbox live LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOOLOL when I got back from school I couldnt play online but instead I wanted to play offline. ALAS THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE!!!!!! so Ima try it out 1 FEB And reply to it