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How to rank up on BO2 zombies?


How do you rank up on zombies on BO2? I have a skeleton head with a three on top...

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    U can level up in zombies by your Kills and downs ratio




    Dual Bones: 5 - 15 K/D
    Skull:20+ K/D
    Skull + Knife: 80 - 100+ K/D
    Skull + Dual Shotguns: 180 - 200+ K/D

    Dashes are included for each day you play a full match of TranZit or Survival (Online) it cannot be solo, or local.


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      I dont think it all KD ratio. I have said this so many times but I have a friend with 8000 plus kills and like 200 downs, only been to round 16 and has a knife. Hasnt even played in like a week.

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      like the guy above me said i also know people with k/d of 25 that have shotguns, also i got knife with a k/d of 60.

      maybe your k/d needed to level up decreases with revives, doors opened etc...

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        I've got a k/d of 106.8 and i'm still on the skull with 5 tallys and blue eyes... (and have been for about 2-3 weeks now - i've played zombies every day since release...) ...so it's def not just k/d.


        Not sure if anyone has said this before, but i was in a lobby with someone who had studs around his emblem. Is that before shot guns or after? There was no gun, or knife, just a zombie head with studs going all the way round the outside of the emblem

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          No way is it kdr, I got a kd of 208 and still stuck on the skull with the dagger and blue eyes, I don't think it's high rounds either because I've been to 40, 42, 44, an 45.

          It's a weird ranking system.. I guess we got to wait until treyarch decide to spill the beans..

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    I think the ranking system is based on all the leaderboard stats and not just kills. I got over 2,000 kills, 23 revives, 2 downs, 800 headshots andwent from skull, to skull with shotguns, so it's definetly not based solely around kd.

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    I have been stuck on skull with the knife and blue eyes for a while now, I have made it to round 49 on tranzit.

    My full stats are:

    Accuracy - 120% (407,504 fired 491919 hit)

    Kills - 77063

    Headshots - 25,402 (32%)

    Downs - 507 (kdr 1.51)

    Deaths - 292 (kdr 263.9)

    Distance Travelled - 1,440 miles

    Revives - 1,484

    Perks - 853

    Doors - 775

    Grenade kills - 1835

    Gibs - 94;616

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    do everything possible to have the best game EVER and you will rank up.  It doesn't really matter about deaths and down to kill ratio, but that does help.  Make sure you are the one reviving your buddies, make sure you are the one opening all the doors, make sure you are popping off plenty of heads with your kills, drink your perks!!! 


    Everything you do in you Zombies game will help you rank up.  I've never been de-ranked once you achieve a higher rank, you'll only loose your eyes and tallies if you are not consecutive in your game play.


    My friend has 50k kills, with over 1k in deaths and he is ranked skull with dual shotties, so kills to downs has NOTHING to do with it. 

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      Kills: 32051

      Downs: 151

      Revives:  180

      Headshots: 19976

      Deaths: 80

      Perks drank: 176

      Doors: 180

      Hits: 1.15

      K/D: 212


      As you can see, I have a low amount of revives, perks drank and doors opened.

      If you play with good teamates, you won't have many revives.  If you don't go down often, you won't drink many perks. 


      I did not get my shotguns until I passed 200 k/d ratio.


      Kills to down has a significant role in ranking up. 

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    Ok we'll tell me this... Can you unlock special abilities while ranking up on zombies? I have a friend that played and got his stats reserved on zombies but unlocked a ability where he revives like he has quick revive but he doesn't have it. So it's like he prestiged or something and then got a quick revive ability. IDK what happened its weird

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    Still stuck on skull with knife, my stats are now:


    Kills - 85120

    Downs - 520 (kdr-163.6)

    Deaths - 300 (kdr- 283)

    Accuracy - 128% (Bullets fired 425814 - Bullets hit 545379)

    Headshots - 27287 (33%)

    Gibs - 104480

    Perks - 895

    Doors - 819

    Distance Travelled - 1537

    Revives - 1554

    Grenade KIlls - 2543


    I have made it to round 51 on Tranzit with 4426 kills and 2 downs. I going to keep at it until I get a kill/down ratio of 200 or more to  see if I rank up.

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    Kills: 107116

    Bullets Fired: 671667

    Downs: 1364 (K/D = 78.53)

    Revives: 2620

    Grenade Kills: 3935

    Headshots: 34903

    Deaths: 493

    Gibs: 92466

    Perks: 1929

    Doors: 511

    Accuracy: 0.69

    Miles: 1514


    I got skull with blue eyes, trying to get the dagger through the skull. hopefully im close b/c ive been consistently getting 150+ K/D ratio in grief. grief is pretty much i play 90% of the time. i think i ranked up when i first got the game by playing grief so i should be able to get the dagger if i keep playing grief i hope.

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    Just got my shotguns


    Kills - 102839

    Downs - 595 (kdr 172)

    Deaths - 341 (kdr 301)

    Accuracy - 1.40 (472078 fired 661348 hits)

    Gibs - 123426

    Headshots 32% (33420)

    Perks - 1056

    Doors - 958

    Grenade kills - 3420

    Revives - 1688

    Distance - 1827 m

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    Did everybody that replied with their stats using the CoOp stats only (not versus or career stats)?

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    NO one really knows pal. Most people think a KD of 200 gets you shotguns. WHile that may have worked in the past, it sure doesn't apply now. My kd right now is 207 and Im still at the knife rank (for 4 months now) with an average game going until the low to mid 60's in rounds. I always play to at least 7000 kills, and I don't take downs often. I can tell you that if you have been playing for awhile and have more than 200 downs, you will probably have to kill thousands of zombies to increase your kd ratio. That being said, since you've been playing for a while now, you could start a new profile and start your stats over to maintain better stats next time around. Ive got a buddy who did this, and last month he got shotguns at a kd of 93 with only 13000 kills. Good luck though, Ive given up on the ranks and simple play for fun.

    My stats are

    kills 235549

    acccurace 166

    headshots 46

    revives 2172

    2310 doors

    perks 1425

    grenade 10391

    miles 2487

    downs 1137