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Blackops 2 Theatre?

When exactly is the theatre mode going to be enabled again? because im really trying to get some gameplay

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    really theatre mode?? that's the last thing they need to worry about! how about the lag compensation and the hit detection that is just in shambles.

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    just get the theatre up n running!  this games a pi$$ take! they should be ashamed of themselves for releasing it!

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    Lag and hit detection are by far the best they've been on a COD/MW game.

    Only have minor problems with that, very rare games. For once the fast internet im paying for seems to be being used by me..which is nice.

    Theatre mode doesn't work...at all. It's a pretty large aspect of the game and having been

    used to help sell the game, i think Treyarch should (and hopefully are) pulling out all

    the stops to get it working again.

    Very good game, imo, with a few teething problems.

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    I'm also unable to load my saved matches and therefore unable to edit or render them. I'm a 360 user. I'm browsing the forums now for an explanation as I now realize it's not an isolated issue effecting just myself.