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Cannot POST or REPLY in forums. FIX

I just wanted to give some of you a headsup if you can't post or reply. Tech support will most likely tell you to create a new account which is a bummer because you wanted to use a certain name for the forums.


So here is most likely everything you did.


1. Tried different browsers and computers and well as cleared cache and all that stuff.

2. Created a new account and learned it posted and replied fine.

3. Contacted support and they really couldn't help


Here is how I fixed the issues and verified what the problem was at least in my case. I did all of the stuff above.. I even logged into 3 seperate computers with different browsers and still could not post with this account. I created a new account and it posted fine.


Here was the fix and I am not sure why. I changed email addresses on this account under my profile.


I have no idea why the associated email with this account has a problem but I verified. I changed this accounts email to another. Logged out and logged back in and it worked fine. I then went to the scratch account that I used to test posting with. I changed it's email address the the email that was formerly attached to this account. Now all of a sudden the account that was working, stopped working. I could not post or reply with that account. So I changed it's email to a different email address. All of a sudden the spare account started working. I logged in with a 3rd working, test account. It could post and reply fine. I changed it's email to the email that was associated with my original account. Poof.. now that account cannot post and reply.


So for some reason the unable to post or reply problem seemed to be following an email account. I have notified support and they did send it up the ladder as they said they had not seen the issue before


The good news is. You do not have to lose or not be able to use your original forum name that you wanted if you are having this problem. Try this out and see if it worked for you. I registered this account in 2008 and have NEVER been able to post with it until now. It was just a simple email change that fixed it.


Hope this information can help some of you. It worked for me.

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    Intersting to learn, seems as if it could be a user database problem then. where the rights and acces that the user accound has tied to a specific email, became corrupted and thus throws out the error. Perhaps an old flag still in use on the account that the server no longer uses and thus causes it toss an error out, or something along those lines perhaps.

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      Yea.. this account was registered with Activision a long time ago. Like 2005-8.. I think the problem occurred on Activision's side before all the Elite intergration and stuff. No telling. I just know the problem is definetly following that email address. 3 accounts can't post if they get that email. I even tried it on the fly back and fourth. Change it to the bad email can't post.. change to a good email, could post. All without even logging out. Of course same thing if I logged out. So I know it was the email that caused the problem.

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    You could be banned from posting. If you've voilated the CoC you'll recieve a 48hr ban or something like that

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    Thank you for your helpful post - this method worked for me after experiencing the same problem.



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    Thanks for the helpful suggestion, it worked for me.

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    Sqitzo! Thank You!

    For MONTHS I have been lurking these forums completely muted from every discussion, and now I am free!



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      HUGE thank you sqitzo!


      I've been plagued with this issue for over a year now.  This is the first time I've been able to reply.


      What I did was changed my email address in profile settings then logged out. Then logged into the account with the new email address, and changed it back to my original email address.  Then logged out again and relogged in and now I am able to post!


      To the Treyarch admins, you should add this to the support FAQ.

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    I'm having this exact same issue, however, I seem to be unable to update the email address in my profile. When I change the email address, re-type my password and click the Save Changes button, nothing happens. I log out and back in again and the old email address is still there?


    I created this new account I'm posting with now for the sole purpose of replying to this thread!


    Did anyone else have difficulties with changing their email address?

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      If you are having to re-enter your password, there is something else going on I think.  When I changed mine, I simply changed the domain name (the rest was the same) and hit save and it was changed.  Maybe your cookies or browser settings are preventing something from sticking?

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        When you click 'Edit' to change your email address, you get the following fields;


        Email Address:

        Re-enter Password:


        Then the 'Save Changes' button underneath it. Have tried it with multiple browsers, on multiple machines and get the same result on all of them. Changes to the email address aren't applying.

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    All this time not being able to reply and this was the fix?  HOLY CRAP!  That is the lamest problem that shouldn't BE a problem any forum has ever had. 


    Thank you for posting that! Now I can reply and thank you. 




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    I've had to set up another account (this one) to join in the discusisons.


    I have tried your 'FIX' but its doesn't work, as with others I'm changing the email, re-entering the password and saving changes only to find its still the same. I've had this problem since Black ops 1.


    Only decided to make a new account just now because i gave up, don't really want to use this one though.

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      It looks like there is a problem with updating any of the details in my account. If I try to update ANY details (City, Email Address, Post Code etc), when I click Save Changes nothing happens

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        I had the same problem as you regarding not being able to change your e-mail address in your profile. I tried everything I could think of.


        Nothing worked until I just recently tried changing the e-mail address for my account within the Elite application on my Playstation 3. It is the only thing that's allowed me to change my profile e-mail address. Once I changed it in the application, when I checked my e-mail address on the Elite website it had changed pretty much instantly as well. Hope that helps you. Activision still hasn't replied to any of my questions regarding this issue that I sent to them months ago. Some support site. :-(

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    This helped me out! Thanks mate!

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    this is a horrible lapse in attention, I would have expected this from a forum designed by an indie dev, one who's attention is split with a small staff, not from a big AAA house like activision.

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    Just for the record, you ROCK!!!!! Been dying to post a vid of something a lot of people are after, and was so frustrated I couldn't share it with the world! Hahaha, thank you!

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    Thank you so much, I've been looking for a solution for weeks..... until now

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    Thanks mate, I've been having the same problem as you and it was pretty frustrating for a few weeks not being able to reply. Thanks for the fix. I'm sure others have been having the same issue, the tech team at treyarch should stickie this.


    Anyway, thanks for the fix and have a Merry Christmas!

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    I too have run into this very same issue.  Very irritating that they can't fix this simple issue, or at least acknowledge it & let us know what the status is to get it fixed.


    Seems when I change my email address, I can then post on the forums.  I come back a couple of days later, **BAM!!** gotta change it again to be able to post.


    Activision...any clue as to when this will be fixed?


    Please acknowledge...over?

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    Thanks alot!

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    It sucks I have to use this newbie account now b cos my old accounts email wouldn't change

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    Anybody who has tried to change their email address and found that it either doesn't update or won't accept it:


    1: Make sure that you're logged out and cleared your cookies.


    2: Go to www.activision.com and login like you normally would.


    3: Go directly to your profile and change your password from there.


    I've been having the exact same problem and just now managed to get it to work.  The key difference is in the site where you try to make these changes - logging in to the Activision site and making the changes from there seems to do the trick.


    Thank you, sqitzo, for the main fix.

    I hope the remaining users with the same problem are able to now get back into their original accounts, too.


    **** EDIT ****


    Wow, unexpected problem...

    Even though I have managed to log in using my original username and finally able to post replies, it seems as though all of my previous posts are erased and it is treating me like a new user with a new account...


    **** EDIT 2 ****

    Just checked now and it definatley makes me appear as a new user, even though I have made posts with this username before.

    I know that this may look like I'm just a new user that is being a troll, but go to the Wii section of the Black Ops forums.  Search there for my name "bughunt" and you'll see that I've made numerous posts in the past.  BUT, according to my profile (at the date and time of this post) I have only ever made one post.


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    Worked for me as well! Thank you!

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      MANY THANKS! I was trying all day yesterday with trying to report a problem with Black Ops 2 as it's reset most of my challenges and my account is all messed up but I could not find a way to report it. Your advice worked! You should be paid by technical support for this solution, it's obvious they never tested their fourms properly after the Elite merge and have been blissfully unaware of this problem for months!

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    thank you this seems to have worked

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    Just wanted to thank you as well. Since I've never visited a CoD-Forum with a working account before I assumed I'm just to stupid to find the buttons and almost went mad.

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    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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    Thank you very much! Very helpful

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    I talked with an ambassador just now, if he sees this, thank you, it disconnected me again.


    Was having the same problem, just changed my email, and presto works now.


    So thank you again to anonymous ambassador for helping me!


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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but both accounts work fine, and both claim to be the new account, no matter which one I sign into.         


    EDIT: Made a third account, and all three claim to be this account, despite saying otherwards on Call of Duty and Activision. When I click on Profile under Your Stuff on either account, or when I post, they all say they're this account, and I can't change that, no matter what account is signed into activision and/or Call of Duty.

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    This just isn't working

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    Disregard the last two posts. IT FINALLY WORKED!

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    this is just a test to see if my account can reply,so sorry

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    Thanks so much for this, have never been able to post in these forums until i just found your fix today, nice one. I did try the 'changing email, log out, change back, log out' at first but that didn't work so i created a new account and that did the trick. I did want to use the new account with my new gamertag 'dushaa' but for some reason both accounts are now tied to this forum username, not biggie really but i'm still not impressed by how slow and conplicated these forums are for such a big game!

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    I just signed up to post about the server crash having just bought Ghosts today.


    My email address was already in the database but not from the forums so I created my profile and tried to post but it won't let me in the Ghosts forum. I happened to try to post in the Black Ops 2 forum and it works. But not in the Ghosts forum.


    Weird. I might try this change email solution.

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    What a freaking mess this is. After linking COD Ghosts (in game) to my callofduty.com account that WAS working fine - I could no longer post or reply on the forums.


    While trying to change email addresses by this topic I have learned that I have multiple accounts. Every account that I logged into did not have the ability to post and after changing email addresses around so many ways I have finally ended up with an account that can post...


    However... when I look in my profile here on callofduty.com (upper right) I see I have a "Forum Name" but yet when I post it is a totally different Forum name - and it is one that I picked when I tied COD Ghosts to my account in the game!?!


    Someone needs to get their freaking website coding fixed because this is ridiculous.

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    OMG, I can reply now !


    I was trying to use an other browser, then I find your Post.


    So thank you very much for this helpful explanation. 8D



    PS: Seem ActiVision doesn't have fix this problem after a years. lol

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    Ah thanks man. I been a member since 2010 and read a lot of forums. I didn't think anything of it till I got some cod issues i wanted to ask about. After I couldn't find the damn post or reply button I found your post. THANKS!!!