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"Lost connection to host" and "Connecting to online service"

Hello mw3 players !


I have been looking for help on this two questions for ages, but didn't found anything that fixed it.

that's one problem with "connection to online service" error and "lost connection to host" error !


About thw "Lost connection to host" error :


I can play many games with no problem and many times i get "lost connection to host" every game after 2-4 mins in the game. i know i'm the only one that lost connection, because i'm a party of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and im the only one. i got nat type "open". it is like sometimes i can play normally and sometimes it's lost connection and thats verry sad because my W/L get ****** up. it's  not only 5-10 games. but it is 100++++ games....

i just need to fix it...



About the "Connecting to online service" error :


almost every time im starting up mw3 i need to wait loong time to connect and after a time i get the error that the servers is not avaible at this time and they say i should check the status. but, i know they are up. it happens everytime. but, when i get the error and close it and try to connect again it goes some secs and im in. i need to fix this because it takes ages to connect and thats sad.

but, 3-4 times a week i start up mw3 then i connect whitout the error and everthing is fine. but, i start up mw3 many times aday and this need to be fixed.



Please note: my virus program should not block anything because i have allowed everything and windows firewall allow it so far that i know. (please tell me if something spesial need to be done) i got avast free virus program.



Sorry for my bad english


Thank you i just need every help i can get. this need to be fixed.