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Cannot play DLC Collection 2

I bought the DLC 2 on sale (Yes I know many of you are probably ready to throw rocks at me already) yet It's been a day after I purchased it and I still can't find then new maps or special ops missions.


I've restarted steam, I've done everything I can think of to make it work.  The bottom line is that when I view the DLCs for the game it only shows that i've bought collection 1 and the only thing that even gives a smidgen of proof is a paypal receipt for $7.49.


Has anybody else on here even bought the DLC or has had a similar issue?  Last DLC it took about 3 hours for this problem to resolve itself however I feel like 24 hours has been a joke for it to work properly.



During Collection 1 it worked after running the main menu first then switching to the Multiplayer menu, however that didn't work this time