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    What, no counter argument, just insults.


    If you are saying only Pro-gamers can define terms, I disagree, however: 'Camping - staying in one spot for more than 1 minute.' majorleaguegaming.com

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    yeah man, happens to me all the time... camp all you like when we've got 2 flags... but when we don't, then get off your behind and help the rest of the team cap

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    IMO camping is sitting in a corner waiting for something and not moving until you get a kill and then either move to another corner and wait or stay in the same one. Patrolling is when you stay in an area and look out for enemies. An example would be domination on interchange...you cap C and B and kill whoever comes out of A but never go under the bridge or get too close. you patrol the 3 entrances and make sure no one gets out to cap a flag. That's just my opinion.

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    dszwec wrote:


    I'm not trying to tell people how to play it's distinguishing the difference between camping (a valid game play style) and that of sitting waiting in a corner for people to walk passed and NEVER moving then once killed going back there. It's not camping is my point and needs a new word, I quite liked "YAD" the rubbish you put in the corner.

       See thats just the thing ....... lets look at the reasoning here.  I guess if you are talking about a teammate sitting in some random corner and not getting any kills, that would be one issue.

        But the complaints are usually because of enemies camping and the cowardess of such a tactic. Now if there is an enemy sitting in some out of the way random corner and kills you then the question would be what are you doing wandering around some random out of the way place on the map. ........ Are you trying to avoid the enemy.


        Then there is this suggestion that a guy "patrolling" an area could be somewhat brave when a guy who refuses to move and goes back to the same spot is cowardly. Well thats a bit bassackwards.


       A guy running, or a guy patrolling, hits and moves ....... follow me now. He kills and runs away from the spot where the enemy last knew he was.

        While on the other hand, the guy who stays put knows that the enemy knows where he is.  Yet he risks staying there. With each kill he is risking more because now surely the enemy learns a little more about him on each return.Also for every kill, he is likely to have more enemies knowing more about him.



       It makes me laugh sometimes the irony in this community. A guy who kills and runs away is brave while a guy who kills and then stands his ground is a coward.   lol .........

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    It's not about cowardice and bravery is about playing the game. To be fair I should have pointed out I mainly play DOM, S&D and a bit of KC so sitting in a corner doing jack all is not productive under any circumstance.

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    dszwec wrote:

    B) Majority of those will be written by s**t gamers especially on the urban dictionary haha full of w*****s and not by pro-gamers!



    Put you money where your mouth is..... pro-gamer. Post your gamer tag so we can see those pro stats and drool.

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    1. Corner camper.

    2. Cornering



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    Should be a new word for people that cry and whine about things such as camping....whiny little b1tches.  Ok more than one word but you get the point.  I'm always amazed at the people that will cry about every little thing in games.  It would be great to be able to play a game without little kids crying about everything.  Grow a sack and be a man.  If someone keeps killing you, do something different.  If a particular gun is always killing you, try something else to kill the people that use it.  All this b1tching about overpowered guns, perks that are unfair, killstreaks that do too much damage is the reason why FPS are being made nowadays for the whiners.  Support killstreaks are prime example why.  Instead of doing something different to avoid dying, people cry and whine it's too hard.  Ugh...rookies. 

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    dszwec wrote:


    It's not about cowardice and bravery is about playing the game. To be fair I should have pointed out I mainly play DOM, S&D and a bit of KC so sitting in a corner doing jack all is not productive under any circumstance.

      Then it really has nothing to do with camping either. Its simply about whther the player is being productive or not. Someone can camp and protect an objective, or they can camp or do nothing. Likewise they can be running, and run right by an unprotected objective but never even bother to cap it.

        Someone can camp and get lots of kills, and someone can run and do nothing but die.


         Thats why I say the opinions of camping dont come from the fact that they are camping as your teammate. the opinion is set in your mins when you die to a dude who appears to be doing nothing. ... although he is aparently doing something .. killing you anyhow. Then you project your anger from being killed by this guy onto anyone who holds still for a few seconds, enemy and teammate alike.



       The opinions of camping are emotional, and not based on fact. Opinions dont win games, facts do.


        If an enemy kills you he is doing his job and being effetcive, regardless of whteher or not you agree with his tactics. If your teammate is killing enemies or holding an objective, or capping objectives, he is being effective, regardless of whether or not you agree with his tactics.



        people have a tendency to be better at something they like. If you push a teammate tyo do something he doesnt like, and isnt good at, you arent doing him or your team any good.


         Its funny when people say that they'd rather see a teammate running around getting killed over and over than sitting in a corner doing nothing. Well, sorry, but thats bs. If the guy likes to run around and die the at least he's having fun. But if hed rather be sitting in a corner getting a kill every now and then he's bound to not be happy running around dying.

        So ... he's not happy.

                He's helping the enemy.

                 He's forcing you to deal with air support.


            How does any of this make sense? ............ It doesnt. It does nothing but satisfy your precious little ego because somewhere along the lines soem dude killed you from a corner and hurt your feelings. ......... No reason .......... just pure misdirected emotion.

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