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    Perk name:stoppin power

    effect:makes bullets do more damage

    jingle:if your on a high round and your fellin down your guns dont kill and double tap wont heal

    buy stoppin power (church choir) stoppin power

    deep voice stoppin powerrrrrrrrr

    based off double tap voice

    cost:3000 points

    map name:Camp of the dead

    description:You wake up in louisiana on top of your truck blood all over you, you get up and try to find your friends.  Will you succeed or die, fight your way through endless hordes of the undead use the new inventory to blast your way out,  and get back home  

                                                              WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS A HUNT ENDED UP

                                                                                   AS A GRAVE

  • 21. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

    I really hope they bring back the WAW weapons. They were better than the black ops weapons. I also hope they bring back all the  perks i found them all to bee very usefull.

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    Try to make it so there is no limet to guns just a S##T ton not all good and more pistols in the box. This would make it more challenging and give a fun look at what all turn in too. RPG ive always wanted this. Also more Heavy weapons like the Deployable MG.  hand to hand combat zombies grab you and you can fight your way out. Add some thing like the nova6 crawlers an abomination just loose the gass.

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    What about Rictofens Lab? You guys can come up with the map layout but i have a cool boss idea. So the bosses are rictofens failed experiments. There should also be a gun that can like bounce off of walls until it sticks to a zombie and then it explodes a huge radius. Also new perks like one that makes you switch weapons, mantle objects, aim faster, and rebuild barriers faster. Its called Flash Drive.

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    and let us have more than 4 but after your 4th any perk you dont have price increases a littel.

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    3 guns at all times but one has to be a pistol this can not be swaped out but can be pac a punched

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    One thing I do know.  It does not need a round cap.  That would be very wrong if Treyarch did that.  It would be really nice if you could upgrade perks indefinitely so you are always working toward something.  If you make it where you can max out your options, the game will get very boring fast.  Treyarch also needs to bring back ALL of the world at war guns, b ops guns, and current guns.  Please, please, please make the world at war guns the most powerful and have the original guns stay at the power they were originally at during the game. The problem with the games now is that when you get to higher levels, it is much much harder to kill zombies.  There should be more upgrades to the guns, plus armor, and equipment.  Wonder weapons should also be able to be bought for a crazy price.  PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE RANDOMLY LEAVING!!!! It is very frustrating when somebody leaves the game and the amount of zombies is still up.  Also, if friends want to join while ur playing, then they should be able to join. The thing I hope most to see is a massive online zombie game where you have your own character and you level up on what you do.  If any of you guys have played DC Universe, you know what I'm talking about.  Everything has to be the same, but you are given more game room, you are able to fly, drive, and boat.  You should also be given the option to make your own vehicles and given the option to design it.  There should be default, advanced, and pro controls, depending on the skill level you want to design.  lastly....  ZOMBIES ARE NOT SCARY ENOUGH!!!!!  I mean really!!! For the pro players who have played since world at war, we miss the thrill of peeing our pants when a zombie sneaks up behind us.  That mainly was the reason I played the game in the first place.  It would also be really nice if there would be a storyline accompaniment starting from when it first started.  now, changing subjects for the last time, DO NOT PUT A CAP ON THE ROUNDS!!!!  The fun of zombies is sitting there for 3 and a half hours playing.  Maybe do something a little extra benefitting the players every 10 rounds, but trust me, most everyone but the new players are going to be complaining if that ends up happening.  Thanks Treyarch!!!!

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    3rd perk


    Primary Function: Explode upon being downed killing all zombies around you


    Secondary Function: Grenades have 3x the damage and increases special grenade slot by 1


    Trigger: Automatic


    Flaw: blocks teamates vision with massive explosion.


    Price: 2500

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    So an updated dir rise? Or as if with out Dr.Maxius knowing Richtofen built a hidden lab behind his back? Ether way great idea in my opinion Dir Rise was the best map ever tied with moon! my opinion.

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    I would like this 5,000 times if I could

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