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Looking for a clan on X360


As above,


Looking for a clan on xbox 360.


Sick and tired of playing with people who either don't play the objective or haven't got a clue how to play the game.


About me


Have a new cod account let my friends play and dropped my KD to 1.20. My weekly and monthly KD was around 1.5


On my new account which I made to play for myself and let friends play on the other.


KD at the moment is 1.83

WL is 2.2


I be on ghost everyday and play anytime.


Timezone: GMT+1


Looking for a clan with a positive KD and WL.

Who are active everyday or few days a week not only on clan wars.

Who communicate (call outs)

Play the objective to win.


If your clan sounds like what Im looking for send me a message on xbox live @ RecalledDeer72