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Leaderboards even MORE messed up


I'm honestly not one to care about the leaderboards, but I'm confused as to how they are messed up once again. They have fixed the issue they previously stated was not possible to be fixed (overall escapes showed wrong due to every escape on NF it would add 4 to POC). Now they have fixed it, it shows my real escapes, BUT I am ranked very low, with people with ZERO escapes higher than me..


There seems to be no method to the madness, either.Several hours ago for example, I was ranked about 22,000th for escapes. I checked an hour or two after that, and I was 19,000th. The last time I looked, I was about 16,000th. There's people above me with all sorts of escape amounts.


It's not done alphabetically, because my name is NOT YOU 87, where as someone who is (or was) directly above me with 8 escapes, name bgan with an 'X'. So I'm confused. They fix it, yet break it even more!!

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    This is how they repay their most dedicated fans by ignoring our achievements and allowing hackers to remain at the top advertising mods for sale. They took time to change the layout of the leaderboard categories but didn't fix any of them. Cant Devs at least give an explanation so we can stop believing they are careless. Look at every categories first page for 360 extinction leaderboards, you will see how messy you guys are, so clean it up. As a professional player it is a huge disappointment and a monstrous embarrassment to the industry. Myself and many others look forward to hearing your reply on this subject.

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    Yeah with the new update the leaderboards show crazy amount of escapes. I have over thousands for some reason.

    I updated it here a while back as well if you would like to comment and add any more glitches/bugs you have found:


    Bugs/Glitches Thread

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    Hey all -


    We're currently working on a fix for the POC "Escapes" columns and Leaderboard sorting. We'll have the fix in an upcoming update!

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    The problem is that some of the cheaters are not obvious like you say. People i know have used the tesla glitch to add increments of a 1000 to their score before the kracken to get closest to max without going over. Yes it would suck for many people to lose their legit scores because of a reset, but it wouldn't be just to only remove the obvious and leave the not obvious scores. I suggest the reset because i don't think infantry ward can determine who all cheated and they probably don't have the time to pick through the list either, there is just too many fake scores. Maybe there is a way they can detect which scores have over max item crafting bonus to show who cheated with the tesla trap, but then there will still be the other glitches that were used. Without a reset those leaderboard will always be broken, If they do reset it i hope they patch all the glitches before hand.