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Clan Tag


i created a clan and for some reason it wont give me a clan tag...do i have to make it or did i do something wrong? if i have to make it can someone please explain to me how to make it because i just started playing ghosts.

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    I am not sure what you mean by "I created a clan".

    You need to have the call of duty app to set up the clan.

    Give the following link a read to see if it helps:

    Call of Duty®: Ghosts Clans FAQ

    Because you are new to clans I suggest watching the clan video here:

    Ghosts Training Video Index

    For understanding the cod app you should read this:

    Call of Duty App Guide.

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    You need to reach a certain level (5 I think) before you can display your clans tag. Clan level 5, not soldier.

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    To create a clan tag you need the cod ghost app,,,,if you have the app you need to go to the my clan page...once there in the upper right hand corner is a helmet with a gear in it that is the manage clan tab hit that,,,, once on the manage clan page you will see where you can create a clan tag edit clan name , it may take a bit to get a clan tag if you try making one that already exist... After you have made a clan tag on the app you can go to the game and create a soldier hit Where you pick unformed patches and such you will see towards the bottom the clan tag tab click on that and then you can select to wear your clan tag if you want to wear your clans tag .

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    In addition to what the other's have said... is your GT linked to your COD account?