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    Spawns must be systematic, not random. No revenge spawns, EVER. If you want true feedback, please apply your new spawn changes into EVERY playlist. Only then will I give you my feedback.

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    And then your "feedback" will be about as helpful as it was this time.


    In any case, @teanah


    Core TDM

    Freight (others, too, but this is the one I mentioned having the trap issue last time)

    Full lobbies




    Did not see traps happening. Mostly ended up with the two sides facing each other from their own sides. With tacticals, it was possible to get onto opposing team's side of the map, but trapping looked like it would have been a challenge. Spawns seemed mostly random on our side with, dunno, 60% happening deep inside our side and 40% not far behind the leading "front" of our team.



    I noticed a change here, as well. Normally sniping from the bridge on what I'd say is the NE side of the map you have to keep a close eye on flanks from your right (inside the building) due to ;opposing players spawning there even when your team is mostly on this side of the map. I did not see that happening. I think I played that map twice; I noticed there was less worry about spawn flanks in the most recent match. Players still have to watch that right flank, but only because opposing players are penetrating this side of the map, not because they are spawning there.



    Noticeable improvement here, as well. Played this map 2 or 3 times. Spawns seemed to be taking place in similar fashion to Freight mentioned above. Normally holding the center building allows trapping to one or both initial spawn points but that was clearly not happening



    Spawning was mostly fine here, although a couple of times I did spawn in spots that were open to long lines of sight. This would happen deep into either side of the map



    I haven't really had a lot of times where I'd spawn a short distance in front of opposing players in Ghosts. But today, playing Chasm several times, this did happen a few times. Enough for me to notice it and, like I said, I haven't been a big complainer about the issue. It's not an issue that troubles me now, but I did notice it on this map.



    See my comments on Chasm. In fact, oddly enough, in the past, I've had the least amount of issue with spawns on Flooded. Today, Flooded was probably the worst. Enough to worry about? For me, no. For the people you're trying to satisfy? I'd say it was probably pretty bad.



    Had a few times where I'd spawn on the east side of the map and be killed fairly quickly from the N and NW lines of sight. One of those is from that opening in the long hall that divides the map (you can climb the van to get in there), the other is from the grocery store or whatever it is there. Was tough spawning on the E side of the map.



    Seemed to work fine. I found myself able to generally predict my own spawns, but not the opposing team, based upon where my teammates were. The opposing team, the 3 times I played, got the forest spawn. That side seems to be getting dispersed a lot better, but the other side just a tiny, tiny tweak should get that one a little more dispersed, as well.



    Okay. To trap everyone in Pinkieez, you now need a player behind the hotel. But, get one player over there and the trap is a done deal. In fact, trapping may have gotten easier on this map. The good news is that I did not once find myself spawning in anyone's line of fire. Nor did I spawn in front of anyone. Played this one a couple of times, too.



    Opponents were spawning well away from us and the spawn points were a challenge to keep up with. In other words, if the spawn was flipped, it would not only be flipped, but into what area it would be flipped was unpredictable. Completely unpredictable. I did not see any of my team having issues with opponents spawning near them, directly behind, nor directly in front of them. The spawn system was working great here. Made for some interesting matches.


    Maps that did not come up in rotation during my 1.5 hours:

    Stonehaven, Warhawk, Prison Break, Tremor

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    Spawning repeatedly at the sawmill on Whiteout (GW on the PS4). It's like this on both consoles and every gamemode. I also have the same issues on Sovereign where I spawn on the enemy flag and with the other team (GW on the PS4).


    Some notes on Siege. While occupying only 'C' the common spawn is in the back corner of the map which makes the entire team easy pickings for a Helo Pilot. I've also noticed that the Attack Heli can spawn kill if you don't take off for the nearest cover immediately.

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    teanah wrote:


    Hey everyone,


    We made some changes to spawns after the latest patch [see notes here: Ghosts Title Update and Hot Fix Notes (1/28/14)]  and we would love to hear you feedback. In particular, please provide the following while providing your suggestions:


    1. What playlist you were in


    I always play Team Deathmatch. I stay away from DOM. *Especially, Hardcore DOM.


    teanah wrote:


         2. What map you were on


    I've played in all of them. The only one that I consider to be bad is Stonehaven. A player can snipe or camp and shoot an enemy that respawns near the castle's drop gate from the high corner of the map with stairs. *Even though it's not spawn killing it really is a cheap way to rack up kills and win over an enemy team.


    However, every now and then (not very often) I respawn in a bad spot regardless of what map I'm in. I get killed within seconds of an enemy that just happens to run towards where I respawned.


    teanah wrote:


         3. If you had a full lobby


    For the most part when the match starts. Then players Dashboard/Leave Early when they die so early in the match or whatever.


    teanah wrote:

         4. What platform you were on



    Xbox 360.


    teanah wrote:


    Thanks everyone!



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    1. What playlist you were in - Core TDM
    2. If you had a full lobby - Yes
    3. What platform you were on -XBox 360




    The spawns in the Lumberyard and the opposite side of the map seem to spawn both teams there at the same time. On many occasions only being alive for ~3 seconds before you see someone.



    The spawn at corner of the map behind the Cafe / Restaurant is deadly. You will be spawned there with people in the cafe / restaurant and more often that not they have a clear line of sight to you merely seconds after spawning.



    While the spawns in the castle and in the opposite corner by the broken building are better. They still spawn you very close to the enemy team.



    Doesn't seem to spawn people at the helicopter anymore, when the enemy team is nearby.



    The spawns in the big building near the statue seem to be better, no longer get people spawn behind me / no longer spawning behind people. The little corner building doesn't seem to spawn enemy players when the other team is nearby. Not getting I.E.D.ed there off spawn anymore



    The areas around the two starting spawns are still pretty bad, especially the top spawn near the big red building.



    The area around the Cafe / Restaurant spawns players too close a lot of the time. Times where you die, respawn only to have the person who killed you walk around the corner and kill you again.



    All the spawns in the subway (including the stairs to the subway) seem off. Often get killed by someone running up the stairs when you spawn on them. The spawn behind the cafe / restaurant doesn't seem to move soon enough, not uncommon to get killed in the area, a few times in quick succession.


    The other maps (not including DLC) spawnpoints seem ok.

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    HC TDM, All of the maps, Full lobby. Xbox 360


    Continually dieing 5-7 times in a row after spawning this includes being stabbed in the back, spawned on top of IED's, into the Helicopters missiles even using Blind eye (occurs when a other team member isn't using Blind eye), Spawned into mortar explosions in Warhawk, Spawning enemies behind me in a game or that when I spawn I'm facing away from the enemies when I spawn and whats with the spawn on Stonehaven lets spawn you in the castle whilst theirs someone sniping from the back of the tower.

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    spintec wrote:


    2.  can u please do something against players using modded controllers with auto-aim, rapidfire, dropjumps, jump and shot  etc... that is realy disgusting......




    Modded Controllers don't have Auto-Aim.


    Aimbot is an executable program that is loaded/modded into the console.

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    the spawn on ps4 is so bad no matter the map you spawn right in front of the other team every time i will die 10 straight from being spawn killed. the spawn sucks and needs to be fixed and i play hc tdm and hc kc but no matter what  mode i play on ps4 i get spawn killed over and over.

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    all the spawns in every map need fixing i play TDM on ps3 and over half of my deaths are from spawn killing it seams like there free for all spawns cause sometimes ill spawn like 30 feet from a enemy i think it should be more like the mw2 spawns maybe after you fix the spawns you can do something about the camping its worse then it was in black ops 2

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    PC TDM Full lobby 12 players  on Tremor i was playing 1 match on that map and i noticed a magnificent improvement on spawn system now it's awesome to play it... but i have one question for you it's off topic sorry When Field of View is arriving on PC ? please make it soon we need it playing on 65 is causing headaches. Thanks

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