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looking for a good ps4 clan


for clan wars ect

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    Hey there! Call Us Clutch has 20 members, lvl 10 and currently in gold tier for clan wars. If you are interested my psn is : GeneralGentry89. Using your mic, being 16+, and being well rounded are musts though! Goodluck in your search!

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    If you're looking for active PS4 clan you should join Renegade Elite. We support Battlefield 4, Ghosts and KIllzone on PS4 and are currently top of our current clan war


    To join you must have a working mic and post an application on our clan website Renegade Elite Clan if you want to learn more about REEL here is our recrutiment topic and fell free to reply with any questions (in the following topic) [REEL] Renegade Elite - Friendly and active PlayStation clan for all gamers.

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    Our clan is looking for members for Clan Wars. Level 10 with 11 members. We started in Platinum and didn't have enough active players to make much noise in it and now we are in gold.  We are destroying our division by over 100CP with only 3 players.  If you are interested let me know! 


    PSN: ClearlySuperior9

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    GSs Gorilla Smash Sq

    lvl 9-10 ? top 10 in clan wars

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    The Bone Shack is now recruiting PS4 GHOST Memebers that are active players who are looking to join a friendly competitive clan for mature adults, that want to play CLAN WARS, Clan Battles, and possibly GB on MLG site. I'm From Canada, Eastern Ontario, looking for members in North America, that can be active between 2pm - 4am EST you dont have to play everyday but a couple days a week would be nice! Would like to find a Solid 6 for Clan Wars and go from there. I was in other clans but would never get invited that won't happen here! Once we start to fill up! Players in clan can merge out and start there own 6 man teams to keep clan members happy and not having to play solo when our in a clan! If you want to join send me a msg on PSN at ROCKET-ROWDY read below for clan requirments.



    Check out the Clan Webpage at http://theboneshack.shivtr.com



    - KD needs to be above 1.0

    - W/L 0.5

    - Need to speak clear English

    - Should have mic, i know those ear buds sucks.

       but will need one for map call out eventually!

    - Need to be dedicated/Active/Laid Back.

    - Age 20+ Mature Adults


    only started clan a day ago so give me a chance to fill it with quality active players and we should have some fun man

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    platinum division. Won every clan war.

    clan name: EPIC COMPANY

    Clan Tag: EPIC

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      iLLimus Maximus
      [iLLn] is Recruiting.


      We are a Level 13 clan.  Currently have 17 members.  We have won EVERY clan war participated in.  We play all game modes, not just one style.  Average age is 26.


      Message me at Zuclear_Warhead on PS4 for an invite.