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where exactly did I break a rule, nowhere does it say I cant post a link to a screenshot of this blatant hacker.

I have reported GTX650 many times in game and yet he still isn't banned.

locking my thread is extremely disappointing, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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    Naming and shaming is not allowed, it never has been, that is why your thread was locked/edited

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    You can't name and shame and there are specific routes to reporting a hacker. Posting a screenshot is not the right one.

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    In the lead up to the launch of this title I see that our rule set wasn't updated. We'll be updating that shortly. That said, Naming-n-shaming has been prohibited since Black Ops on PC. You may feel that the tool is inadequate, but it is the direct and correct approach to take.


    Edit: Our rules have been updated. For transparency, please see our Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines in the Black Ops 2 sub-forum for evidence of existing practices.


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