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Permanently Banned for no reason


Dear treyarch,


I just got a permanently ban today for no reason. Here's the scenario: I was playing black ops 2 legit, tdm on hijacked. i got 32-1 and people start saying that i hacked. It was totally legit and you can check the theater if you want proof. It may be that reason i got banned or i chould have something to to with this: At the time i was playing Black Ops 2 multiplayer i had Wolfteam (a fps game) tabed down. I was using cheat engine to cheat in wolfteam and it had NOTHING to do bo2. I think maby your security system thought i was using Cheat Engine to hack in bo2? I dont know but in other games you can get banned just for have cheat engine and a game running at the same time. It might be the reason? i try to find explanations to why i got banned couse i know that your securitysystem have benn improved. I think thats good to keap away hacker and cheaters away from ruin the game.

This is the only things that you may missunderstood.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------


So can you take a look at my case and see what i "did"? Give me and answer.


I really enjoy playing black ops 2 multiplayer and i hope i can do that in the future.


Dont take me for a cheater just couse i cheated in Wolfteam, me and my friend was glitching and needed the "allow speedhack" option to get to a place.


I hopw you understand my situation and that you Unban me.

Sorry if i spelled wrong me and my clan are going to play leuge  the 8/11.

Thanks for your understanding  // Tweeks ~