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Emblem Banned? WTF?


     After signing in last night i went to change my emblem and was given my first ever "ban". Said this players profile has been prohibited from accessing this feature for 13 more days...for more information, blah blah blah etc..Anyway Here is the thing, I don't have ANY sexually offensive emblems, the only one i have that could possibly be construed as offensive is one that says, F*** Racism,  I guess the irony in that is that it is in no way promoting racism, i made it after the travon martin verdict. All  the rest are ones I spent alot of time on. Not really upset as much as a little dissapointed seeing as how I saw countlesss emblems with penises and naked women, plenty of curse words and so forth. But i don't get banning me NOW...one week from ghosts, so i won't even be playing this game after 13 days. Spent your time and efforts more efficiently.