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Mob of the Dead freezing issue.


So, I know I'm not the only one having this problem. I have tried playing Mob of the Dead on both of the accounts on my PS3 and it always freezes a few seconds into the solo cut-scene. Treyarch, is there something wrong with the Apocalypse DLC that is causing this problem? Should I know something here? Why is this in Mob of the Dead?Black Ops II Zombies

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    It's something to do with Apocalypse, ever since I downloaded it Mob of The Dead doesn't work. Just freeze's in the cutscene or loading screen.

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    Hello bubbacake,


    Sorry to hear about these freezes! Have you tried to delete the game data utility folder? These freezes might be a result of a corrupted download. Once the folder has been deleted, the game will ask you to reupdate it once you try to play.


    The DLC will need to be manually downloaded by you. Once this has been done, try to play Mob of the Dead once again and let me know if the freeze still occurs.



    ATVI Support

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    Its a problem with the PS3 version. Nothing fixes it :/

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    I have only played MOTD maybe twice, wanted to give I another go and this happened to me today too!

    Although I can't diagnose this as being because of downloading the Apocalypse Map Pack, this is a serious issue since this is affecting multiple copies.

    Also my disc is in practically perfect condition and it does freeze the entire system, so you have to turn it off by the power button on the console or unplug it.

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    Yeah, ever since I downloaded Apocalypse i can't play mob of the dead anymore. Ive tried playin it on solo, local, custom, and public and it keeps freezing. i re downloaded it and still nothing works.

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    I had that problem to and some of my friands you have to delete all call of duty staff from disc than download and instal apocalypse firstl than all other dlc's it has to work good luck

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    What you need to do is go to "Game" at the PS3 Dashboard and go up to where it says "Game Data Utility" and Find "Black Ops II" and delete the file called "Call of Duty: Black Ops II (BLUS31011)". After that is deleted, Go into your game and go to Multiplayer and go to Store. What you want to do then is Download the 3 Map packs "Revolution" "Uprising" and "Vengeance". But DO NOT get Apocalypse. Then there you go. MOTD is Fixed

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    I Have been having the same problem, and it started when I got apocalypse. For me, as soon as it starts loading it freezes and I have to press the power button because the entire system freezes. I only have a ps3, so I don't know if it works on Xbox.

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    heres the thing. i spoke to atvi assist a LONG time ago im talking like a good year ago. i spoke to emiliogunz here as it happens. he told me the same crap they told you. instead of admitting its not compatible or designed for ps3. bo2 hard froze on tranzit or an audio bug, xbox is better designed to support it. motd NEVER messes up on xbox. its a fact. i used to play ps3 since 2010 conclusion is xbox is better when it comes to running cod idk if its the extra 256 of ram than the ps3. or just optimized better. either way its unlikely this will ever be fixed. if they havent done it now. atvi assist dont listen just follow set guidelines tell you to do this delete that! rather than actually acknowledging the actual real problem. seems there clueless. id do a better job at customer service than them when it comes to gaming and actual bugs. instead of saying "delete game data etc etc. disgraceful! you disgust me atvi assist with not listening properly to the "actual faults!"

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    There has to be another issue. I never have problems with either of my map packs. Especially MOTD. I don't think its the map pack at all. I really cant stress enough on how many things you may have downloaded to your PS3 system. Not only do all my maps work, but I recently started letting my kids play my PS3 as well. Since then, I haven't been able to put discs in my PS3. So I purchased Black Ops 2 from the PSN, and gave my BO2 disc to my nephew. I had no issues downloading it, and all the map pack were already set with the downloaded version of BO2. Lemme ask you guys this. Do you use NETFLIX a lot ?? Do you have a lot of music dwnld. to your system ? I'm telling you this because I did have the same issue with Black ops 1 call of the dead. After I purchased a new PS3 system, it doesn't do it anymore. Either you have an old system, or way too much crap on your PS3. Completely wipe out your system and start a new. Only download black ops 2 crap to your system again.. if that doesn't help, I'm willing to bet your PS3 is about 3 -4 yrs old. might want to consider a new one.

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    my ps3 call of duty black ops 2 - mob of the dead is freezing its never finish loading is there a solution for this bullshit or not?

    all the other maps are working fine.

    i just want to play

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    you only need to delete a file in the utility folder the is a    .download file


    This will solve you problems.

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    hey i having the same problem mob of the dead keep freezing on me at the loading screen and my entire ps3 keep freezing too just help me i love that map