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Not played on Black ops 2 for over two weeks due to a vacation but yesterday I turn on my PS3 insert Black ops 2 to be greated with an update ok fair enough but now WTF the game is almost unplayable every match I have been in since yesterday say around 10 I have quit half way through due to lag and frame skipping.


The game was running ok before not perfect but playable maybe 1 or 2 matches out of 10 would have lag but now it seems to be every single one but not just lag now frame skipping your running looking at something then suddenly it jumps to somewhere you have no control over and flickers.


This is beyond the joke now Treyarch sort out your crap I thought an update was supposed to improve something not destroy it more than it was.


Ohhh also if lag and frame skipping was not bad enough I am now greeted with the audio going garbled a hell of a lot more before this update I had it twice but since yesterday I have had to quit to xmb then restart because of it 3 times this game is a joke.