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riot shields


How is someone shooting straight through my riot shield im watch the kill cam and he shoots straight trough the center of my shield Whats going on and dont say animation error

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    FMJ, perhaps?


    Also, don't put too much stock in the Kill Cams.

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    In order for the shield to effectively deflect bullets, you need to be slow-walking or less, crouched, with your "crosshairs" lined up with whoever is shooting you.  If you do this, you can live through a full team of LSAT's.

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    Just wait after getting 100 kills with it, the gold challenges for it are frustrating. Especially the one with no perks. My advice is look at the person shooting you and make sure you are always crouched, never run with the assualt shield.

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    I agree with the original poster...something has changed with the shield....I can walk up to a sentry gun or protect myself from a drone, and soak up rounds like a sponge...but now a noob can sprint around the corner and with one small burst they can totally own me even thought I am crouched behind my shield half way across a map....one of the last 2 major patches nerfed the shields ability to prevent small arms fire from getting to the player behind the shields...


    I reckon to many people complained about the shields ability to protect the player using it....


    but yet the sniper rifle can be used like an SMG or assault rifle....go figure

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      The update notes say there were updates for the shield on Apr 30th.  I do tend to agree with the original poster as well.  It seems that lately people are able to shoot right through the shield like it wasn't even there sometimes.  I play lots of SnD and have spectacled this happen to others many times and when it has happened to me, half the lobby is in shock that I actually died.


      It doesn't seem consistent so it could just be lag due to lower volume of players lately BUT in all the games where this happens to me, there isn't any lag. So I still suspect some kind of bug with the shield.

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        I suspect it's a bug similar to the Target Finder bug that allows you to see the red diamonds though solid objects or walls. On this case, there are holes on the shield where bullets can pass thorough.

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    I've seen shotguns break the shield, but I haven't seen anyone shooting through them.